Useful Combat Tips & Tricks (Update: 26/2/2020)


This will be a compilation of tips and tricks player can use to enhance their combat during various operations. The list may be updated every now and then when there are new findings, so do check it out from time to time.

Deployment order is important
As shown in TR-10, you can shift threat through deployment even when the enemy is already attacking. Remember, enemy will always lock on the last deployed unit within its attack range. You can abuse this mechanic to spread damage, such as deploying 3 units from left to right in sequence, and as enemies like Molotov run across the map, it will attack the most left first, moving to middle, and then the right one.

Forcefully shift enemy by deploying on it
Here’s a good trick in dealing with stationary enemies. You can shift their location a little by deploying any dummy operator right onto them. The shifting direction will be based on the direction you assigned to that dummy operator. Best utilized maps include SK-4.

Enemy can be targeted when they are halfway into the tile
Using the LS-5 image below as example and assuming the highlighted orange is the attack range of the bottom operator. The enemy (red circle) who is now halfway into the next tile can be targeted by both side. Similar strategy can be applied in other maps, like 4-10.

Arknights useful combat tips and tricks, Useful Combat Tips & Tricks (Update: 26/2/2020)

Melee Specialist like Rope can target airborne enemies
All Melee Specialists who are capable of pulling (Rope, Cliffheart and Snowsant) can auto attack airborne enemies. So if you don’t have enough attackers for maps like CA, do consider them. PS: Ranged Specialist can attack airborne enemies by default.

Talent’s buff are applied by default, unless specified otherwise
Operator’s talent are automatically applied during combat when the operator is in Squad. For example, SilverAsh’s reduce redeployment time, and Skadi’s attack buff to Abyssal Hunters. The few exceptions to this rule include specific mention of “When deployed”, “within attack range” and etc.

Pushing enemy across the roadblocks
For maps like 4-4 where you can assign boulders, do know that it is possible to push enemy across it with Shaw or FEater.

Crownslayer can be pushed or pulled
Despite being a boss unit, Crownslayer can be pushed and pulled. This is also the cause for many meme gifs people made about her.

Arknights useful combat tips and tricks, Useful Combat Tips & Tricks (Update: 26/2/2020)

Enemies’ AoE varies in shape
Not all enemies have the same kind of AoE. Here are a few instances: Taught in TR-12, AoE mages have their attack in plus-shape (+). Spider’s explosion (Chapter 4) is 3*3 tiles. Whereas Red-white mages (Chapter 5) attacks two target at the same time.

Auto Deploy is frame-rate based
Since Auto Deploy works by frame, if your game ever jitters during the auto process, it may deploy your units or use skill at the wrong timing.

Aak’s buff can be tanked by Specter’s immunity, Nian’s shield and so
This info is perhaps too early for the Global patch, but yes. While many will die to Aak’s buffs (unless you have enough defense), it is possible to reduce the damage significantly with certain operator’s skill or talent. Also, never use SilverAsh’s S3 before receiving Aak’s buff.

Well… That’s pretty much it for those I can remember. I will update more once anything comes into mind. I hope that helped.


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