Trust Farming – Is it Necessary?


As the global release of Arknights enters its second month, various video guides on trust farming started to pop up in different media platform. So, what is trust farming exactly? Is it necessary for one to perform that? Well let’s have a talk on that.

Trust farming is basically an act of finishing operation stages with lesser operators, just so players can bring dummy operators aboard to increase their trust. There are no limitation on how many dummy operators you should be bringing to be considered as trust farming. Judging the player’s ability, it is totally fine to carry just one or two dummies. In best case scenario, player can carry up to 11 dummies at the same time (12 dummies is also possible for stage like 1-7).

So, why people do that and is it even necessary? That would depend on the player’s preference. First of all, trust farming allows player to unlock special furniture much easily. To check on the list, head to main menu -> Info -> Trust Overview. To unlock the furniture of a specific group, you’ll need 100% Trust. Be aware that the percentage is divided by the amount of operators within that group.

Arknights Trust Farming Guide tutorial, Trust Farming – Is it Necessary?
Trust Overview in game for special furniture.

The second reason for trust farming is more on the practical side. As time goes by, players would grow stronger and have more planned operators to work on leveling. Operators do perform better with high trust as it gives bonus stats. Trust farming would allow players to access these bonus stat earlier while farming their materials.

Arknights Trust Farming Guide tutorial, Trust Farming – Is it Necessary?
FEater at max bonus stat despite being level 1.

Anyhow, trust farming is not a must in the gameplay. If the player care little on the furniture or the early stat bonus, they are certainly free to farm stages with a full team. There are no certain way of playing Arknights, and everyone should do what they feel best for themselves.


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