Time Travel FAQ by Mafuyu


Have you ever consider time-travelling but fear of messing something up? Or perhaps you have questions wishing them to be answered before becoming a time-traveller yourself? If so, you are in luck. This is a detailed FAQ written by Mafuyu#9777, which answers most questions commonly asked in Discord. It is perhaps the most comprehensive one out there at the moment, and we certainly hope this would help players clarifies their uncertainties in time-travelling.

Q: Should I Time Travel?
A: This is a question that only you can answer yourself

Q: Will Time Travel break my game?
A: Time Travel cannot break your game on it’s own unless a bug is accidentally introduced, in which case, the game itself would break regardless of Time Travel

Q: If I go back in time do I lose progress?
A: If you Save and End Normally, no

Q: What happens when I go back in time? Does it count as a day?
A: It counts as a “pseudo-day” meaning that Able Sisters and the ABD Terminal reset their stock and Nook Miles Daily Streak allowing you to get it again, buildings under construction do not advance in construction time

Q: I want this building that’s under construction to be done today, if I go back in time one day and then forward one day will it be complete today?
A: We highly suggest not doing so as we’ve had people have weird interactions with that where the construction itself will revert (materials and such being refunded to your inventory), instead, we suggest moving forward until all the construction you want done is complete and then going back to the day you were at normally

Q: Are there any downsides to Time Traveling?
A: Weeds, Cockroaches, Turnips rotting if you go backwards or too far forwards, Nook Miles Achievements Stamps dated when you achieved them, not when you accept them

Q: Can I/someone else visit an island that is ahead/behind me/them?
A: Yes, the game does not care what time or date you or the person you’re connecting to are on

Q: If I visit someone’s island who’s ahead/behind me, will my turnips rot?
A: No, your turnips are based on your time, no matter where you go or where you bought them from

Q: Am I hindering myself by not Time Traveling?
A: Not in the least bit

Q: Will I miss story events?
A: If you skip more than one day at a time it is possible to miss Story-based announcements, we suggest only Time Traveling one day at a time until you reach the end credits

Q: Will my Villagers move away if I Time Travel?
A: Unlike previous Animal Crossing games, Villagers do not move away unless prompted to

Q: How do I get my Villagers to leave?
A: Unless you’re using Amiibos it’s Random, keep ignoring them but make sure you introduced yourself to them first, there are specific strategies to manipulate the RNG to get Villagers to leave faster, but those are not 100% guaranteed and your mileage may vary

Q: When do Meteor Showers happen?
A: Meteor Showers are Random Seeded, meaning everyone has different dates for Meteor Showers but they will always be on that day, Meteor Showers are also the Announced events, not the random Shooting Stars in the sky on Clear Nights

Q: How do I upgrade my shops?
A: We’re not entirely sure, just keep buying and moving forward in time, the current lowest we’ve seen is 50,000B and approx. 20-30 Days

Q: How many shop upgrades are there?
A: There’s only one shop upgrade currently

Q: When do I unlock terraforming?
A: After the Credits play and you talk to Nook

Q: How do I get K.K. to come to my island?
A: Get 3 stars on the Island Evaluation

Q: How do I get 3 stars on the Island Evaluation?
A: Place Furniture, Flowers, Fruit Trees, Fences, get more Villagers, etc.

Q: I’ve got 3 stars on the Island Evaluation and Nook called K.K., when is he coming?
A: K.K. will be at the island, in the plaza, the day after Nook called him

Q: I want him to be here on this day, if I Time Travel backwards and then forward to today will he be here?
A: We highly suggest not doing that as it can glitch your game


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