Your First Winter [Updated 20/7/20]


Updated 20/7/20 – Fixed some localization issues

Your First Winter makes the forth and last sequel for Your First series, and will be covering activities players can do when farming is not available. Winter is ‘sort of’ special in game as it is the only season Lake Mine is opened, which allows player to mine valuable ores and cursed tools. It is also a good time to make friends with your villagers, or even fishing.

Notable Activity

Continued from Spring, Summer & Autumn

  • Offering Gift to Goddess – Everyday: Do so until Van and Lou make their appearance
  • Church Confession – Every Monday, Wednesday, Raining Day 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM
  • Watching Cooking Channel – Every Tuesday

Foraging White Grass

White Grass only spawns during winter and can be found at the back of church after players made friends with Carter. Players can choose to either sell the White Grass away, or better, save it to cook Relaxing Tea Leaves (recipe learnt from Lou).

Christmas Socks Event

Players who made friends with Ellen (4 hearts) can hand a yarn ball to her in her house during Winter 1 – Winter 23 within 9:00 AM ~ 11:00 AM. She will prompt about Christmas Socks and knit one for you. Once completed, you may find it hanging in your house.

Remember to sleep between 9:00 PM ~ 12:00 AM during Winter 25, and Thomas will act as “Santa Claus” to sneak into your house to leave a present.

Notable Villagers to Befriend

  • Ellen – For Christmas Socks event in Winter
  • Thomas – For receiving Christmas present during Winter
  • Your Marriage Candidate – Considering player should have plenty of time on hand to make visits
Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Winter Guide, Your First Winter [Updated 20/7/20]
Winter Calendar.

Day to Day Reminder

2Jennifer’s Birthday (honey, or chocolate)
Thomas will make visit and ask for an item. Remember to Save & Load the night before just so he is asking something you have.
6Grey’s Birthday (ore, or chocolate)
11Inn’s owner Doug’s Birthday (flour, or honey)
13Grandma Ellen’s Birthday (flour)
14Valentine’s Day
15Winery’s owner Duke’s Birthday (honey, or grape)
19Merchant Huang’s Birthday (gold, or apple)
20Librarian Marie’s Birthday (grape, or chocolate)
22Orange Harvest Spirit Nappy’s Birthday (flour)
23If player is single and one of the candidate is green heart or above, Thomas will come over with an invitation card
24Starry Night’s Festival – Head to the invited location for celebration. If player is married, simply head home after 6:00 PM.
25Stocking Festival – Receive gift at night by sleeping after 9:00 PM (See Christmas Socks event on top for more info)
26Young girl May’s Birthday (chocolate, or honey)
29Supermarket’s owner Jeff’s Birthday (chocolate, or honey)
30Remember to hire Harvest Spirit to help on next season’s farm work.
Year End Festival – Either head to Town Square at 6:00 PM (will receive wheatbuck flour), or mountain top at 00:00 AM for sunrise
Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Winter Guide, Your First Winter [Updated 20/7/20]
Remember to hire Harvest Spirit at the last day of Winter.

Additional Notes

As mentioned many times in earlier sequels, winter is often regarded as a quiet month. New players will quickly find themselves in lower income if they have not prepared well enough in autumn. There is not too much of a worry however, considering players can always head for Lake Mine to increase their earning. If plausible, it is highly recommended for players to aim for cursed tools, as winter is one of the best time to fulfill their curse removal requirements (particularly hammer and scythe).


  1. Thank you for your guide. I would like to add a bit of information regarding the Christmas Socks Event. I think Ellen only accepts the Medium yarn ball (I used the one from Alpaca, not sure about the Sheep because my Sheep only produced Small wool).

    • Thank you for the correction! We have fixed it in the article. We are progressively fixing all the localization issues we had. So sorry about that


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