Your First Summer [Updated 16/7/20]


Updated 16/7/20 – Fixed Cliff and Basil Birthday date

Being a sequel to Your First Spring, this guide will covers notable activities on Summer, following notable villagers to befriend, and last but not the least, day to day reminders. If you liked Your First Spring, be sure to check this out to make sure you get the best part out of Summer!

Notable Activity

Continued From Spring

  • Offering Gift to Goddess – Everyday: Do so until Van and Lou make their appearance
  • Church Confession – Every Monday, Wednesday, Raining Day 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM
  • Watching Cooking Channel – Every Tuesday

Planting Pineapples

Buy as much Pineapple seeds you can afford from Huang if you haven’t done it. This will be your best income of the season. Do not plant it after Summer 5 for best profit.

Hiring More Harvest Spirits

This is highly recommended as Summer being the most profitable season (pineapple). There aren’t many choices this time round for selective players. You may focus on Timid (Green) if you want to make use of its birthday on Summer. Alternatively, remember to keep your existing Harvest Spirits relationships high to help in your farm.

Van’s Appearance

Hardworking players in their Goddess Offering should see Van making his first appearance this season. It will only occur on a Sunny Wednesday. Be sure to save & load to clear the day from rain or even typhoon for him. Ideally, you will want him to appear on 2nd or 9th Summer, just so you can buy pet from him on the 15th. Again, he will only be selling on a Sunny 15th, so reload your game if desired. You can read more about Van in this article.

Notable Villagers to Befriend

  • Cliff – This is necessary to keep him in game.
  • Duke & Mana (Winery couple) – For autumn’s part time job. Another prerequisite to keep Cliff in game.
  • Kai – The only season you may court him.
  • Harvest Spirits (Flour) – Mainly if you intend to earn as much as you can this season through pineapple.
  • Carter – To gain access to the back of church for autumn foraging.
Story of seasons friends of mineral town summer guide, Your First Summer [Updated 16/7/20]
Summer Calendar.

Day to Day Reminder

1Plant all the pineapple seeds you bought during Spring.
Clear all inventory slot and bring your fishing rod before heading for Beach Day. Fish until your inventory is full before leaving, just for some income.
2Buy summer seeds from Supermarket. More Corn recommended for chicken / rabbit feeding, or popcorn for Karen. Plant and water all.
3Poultry girl Popuri’s Birthday (egg or chocolate)
4Police Harris’s Birthday (spa boiled egg or rice ball)
6Unemployed Cliff’s Birthday (fried rice, grape, or most cooked food) – Can be find in church all the time for now.
7Chicken Festival. It is possible to win even with 3 hearts. The trick is to press A when your chicken chuckles, and also press A to help to calm your startled chicken.
11Botanist Basil’s Birthday (herbs or flowers)
15Van selling pets for the first time in game, summer being penguin (30,000G). You can also buy pet treats for your pony. Remember to make sure there’s no rain today.
16Green Harvest Spirit Timid’s Birthday (flour)
17Inn waitress Ran’s Birthday (spa boiled egg or chocolate)
20Cow Festival. 8 hearts required to win.
22Seaside Shack owner Kai’s Birthday (pineapple, egg or flour)
24Fireworks Festival. You may date any green heart candidate.
25Mayor Thomas’s Birthday (honey)
29Shipper Jack’s Birthday (apple or fish). While making your trip to his house, you can buy Green Pepper seed from Huang.
30Buy summer seed for next year.
Clear and prepare your farm for next season.
Story of seasons friends of mineral town summer guide, Your First Summer [Updated 16/7/20]
Chicken Festival.

Additional Notes

Summer should be the season for players to save money and work on their poultry and ranch animals. It is also advisable to purchase trees (2 orange tress) from Gotts. All of these will help in producing minimal income during your first winter, where crops are not a viable option. Start with chicken and angora rabbit first, and slowly breed until you have 8 of them. Be aware you need an upgraded poultry farm to start breeding angora rabbits.

On the other hand, buy a brush from Saibara, if you haven’t already. You will want to spend time brushing your pony (and talk to it!) on a daily basis. You can easily find your pony through the farm map, or enter the horse barn after 8:30 PM (it should be resting there).

Although it has been mentioned a few times, keeping Cliff, Doug and Mana’s friendship in check is also important. Or else you will lost Cliff forever (and cause poor Ran to be single forever, unless you are taking responsibility on this by marrying her).


  1. The birthdays are off for Cliff and Basil, my in game calendar says Cliff’s birthday is on the 6th and the 11th is Basil’s birthday. My character’s birthday is in autumn so it shouldn’t affect anything in summer.

  2. You can plant Pineapple on Spring 30 instead of Summer 1. That means 3 harvests per season instead of 2.

    It works on Steam version.


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