Your First Spring [Updated 16/7/20]


Updated 16/7/20 – Fixed some typos on english localization.

This is meant for new players, and players who simply wanted a general guide which covers important point of the season. Your first spring is very important, and performing well can build a good foundation for your remaining gameplay. Before that, I would encourage you to read this article in getting a basic idea on what you should pay more attention on. Or else, Let’s get started, shall we?

Notable Activity

Offering Gift to Goddess – Everyday

This is important as doing this for 30 times unlocks Van. You will need Van to unlock pet purchasing. Gifts do not have to be expensive either. So, go ahead and offer flowers you pick when you are foraging in the mountain. She loves them anyway.

Church Confession – Every Monday, Wednesday, Raining Day 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM

Depends if you want to use Save & Load trick, you can brute force “God has forgiven you” for positive results. The positive results include:

  • <Bullying Animals> <Didn’t take care of animals> : All animal affection point +5
  • <Littering> <Not welcomed by villagers> : All villagers friendship point +5
  • <Overslept> <Use tools until fainting> <Didn’t sleep everyday> : Fatigue -5 OR Stamina +10
  • <Want to marry Goddess> : Receiving forgiveness is a must for marrying Goddess
  • <Want to marry Kappa> : Receiving forgiveness is a must for marrying Kappa

Watching Cooking Channel – Every Tuesday

It is actually possible to learn recipes before upgrading your house and getting access to a kitchen. Having more recipes on hand will help you in unlocking even more recipes in game, so try not to miss out the cooking channel every week. In fact, learning and cooking all recipes is one of the requirement to marry Gourmet.

Gift Flour to Harvest Sprites Everyday until Hireable (3 Hearts)

Having Harvest Sprites around will lessen the time and stamina you spent in watering or harvesting crops. With limited funds available at the start of game, try to focus on one to three of them first. For starters, the recommended sequence in befriending would be Plum (purple), Blueberry (indigo), and then Aqua (blue). The suggestion was made based on their birthdays, which all fall on Spring (with Plum being earliest). Therefore, it will quicken the time it takes to reach 3 hearts.

Story of seasons Friends of mineral town first season, Your First Spring [Updated 16/7/20]
Gift should focus on Plum (middle), Blueberry (2nd from right) and Aqua (2nd from left) during first Spring.

Hiring Harvest Spirits will reduce their friendship points overtime (and become unhireable again). However, this can be countered if you did not slack too much in gifting them. In other words, maintaining a good gifting habit can keep Harvest Spirits working under you all the time.

Alternatively, ambitious players can opt for increasing every Harvest Spirit’s friendship. If all Harvest Spirits are 3 hearts and above, you will receive an invitation to their tea party. The available tea party time is 10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM, and you can start it by showing any Harvest Spirit your invitation letter. Above all, all Harvest Spirits have to be free to start the tea party, so you will want to dismiss their work a day before.

Preparing 8,000G for Rucksack Purchase

Rucksack size will determine the amount of items you can carry at the same time. There are two rucksack size available to be purchased, being medium or large. The medium rucksack has 16 slots and cost 3,000G. Similarly, the large rucksack carries with 24 slots, and require 5,000G. Large rucksack will only be available 5 days after the purchase of medium rucksack.

**Important** For players who intend to use Save & Load trick on Horse Racing Festival, Spring 9 will be the latest day you should be buying medium rucksack. Fail to do so will result in no large rucksack to be used on Horse Racing Festival (Not too detrimental). Take note!

Shipping Herbs You Forage

You will be able to find grass of different colors in the mountain as you forage bamboo shoots and etc. Do make sure to ship as many Blue Grass and Green Grass as you can during the available seasons. They do not only fetch high price, but also unlocks stronger medicine in Clinic once you ship 50 of both.

Notable Villagers to Befriend

There are certainly a few villagers who should be your main focus during your first spring, namely:

  • Harvest Spirits (Flour) – Mainly for hiring purposes. Tea party too, if you can.
  • Goddess (Flower) – To unlock Van as soon as possible.
  • Kappa (Cucumber) – Throwing cucumber to lake for 10 days will get you a blue power berry.
  • Huang (Gold, Apple) – To unlock selling feature, sell higher price, and the Apple Game.
  • Your Pony – Just so you can keep and ride it once it becomes adult.
Story of seasons Friends of mineral town first season, Your First Spring [Updated 16/7/20]
Spring Calendar.

Day to Day Reminders

2If you’re on Easy mode, harvest all Turnips and ship them.
Buy Flour (Harvest Spirits), 2 Cucumber Seed (Kappa), and the rest on Potato Seeds.
Gift Flour(s) to Harvest Spirits, and then go back home to plant and water seeds you bought.
3Water all plants before heading out (get to know other villagers).
11:00 AM ~ 1:00 PM – Head to Zack’s house in beach to receive a fishing rod (make sure you have at least 1 empty tool slot)
Head to Yodel Ranch to meet Mugi. He will give you a pony the next day. You can keep the pony if you take good care of it.
4Water all plants before heading out.
Purple Harvest Spirit Plum’s Birthday (Flour)
Buy a chicken if you have 1500G. Remember to buy feedings too.
8Goddess’s Birthday (Flower)
Harvest Potatoes and ship them all. Buy bigger rucksack if you can, and more seeds.
Attention: Keep all cucumbers when you can harvest them (Spring 10) to throw at Kappa everyday for 10 days. You may ship the rest.
9(Optional) Latest day to buy Medium rucksack if you want a Large rucksack before Horse Racing Festival)
11Blacksmith Saibara’s Birthday (Silver, Bamboo)
14White Day – though all shops will open as usual. Difficult to participate on first Spring since you don’t have kitchen to bake biscuits. Participation is optional.
15Indigo Harvest Spirit Blueberry’s Birthday (Flour, blue grass, wild grape)
16Nurse Elly’s Birthday (Toy Flower)
17Ranch Owner Mugi’s Birthday (Spa Boiled Egg)
18Horse Racing Festival – Clear all storage and Save before entering town square.
19Poultry Farm Owner Lillia’s Birthday (Moondrop Flower)
22Cooking Competition. Not recommended to participate on first Spring due to lack of kitchen and utensil.
25(Reminder) Last few days to join tea party (10:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM). Show any of Harvest Spirit your invitation letter to join. All Harvest Spirits must not be working on tea party day.
26Blue Harvest Spirit Aqua’s Birthday (Flour) – If holding tea party on today, remember to pass him the birthday present first.
29Buy Pineapple Seeds (best money-earning crop) from Huang in preparation for Summer
30Supermarket Lady Sasha’s Birthday (chocolate)
Buy spring seed for next year (or else you can only start buying seed and plant on Spring 3 next year).
Cut all plants in your field and tilt the ground in preparation for Summer planting.
Story of seasons Friends of mineral town first season, Your First Spring [Updated 16/7/20]
Cooking competition during Spring 22.

Earning Enough on First Spring

Money makes the world go around in the game (almost), so having sufficient gold is crucial. Without money, you can’t buy most general gifts, animals, or even tools upgrade. Thankfully, earning sufficient income is not too hard. There are numerous way in earning gold, and players are free to choose whichever that fits their liking the most.


Foraging is perhaps the most basic way to earn money in game, especially for new players. The tree right at the bottom of your house spawns fruit and honey almost every day, so ship them all. The next place you should be looking at would be the mountain, access it by running south from your farm, and then left. You will see a spring (and river to throw stuff at Goddess). Here, you can find various stuff during different seasons.

The notable forage spawn in Spring would be Bamboo Shoots and Herbs (Blue Grass). You can find Bamboo Shoots at the south of Lake. There are 3 spawn locations (may not spawn everyday). It can sometimes be visually blocked by the bamboos, so run around to see if you find any. Herbs spawns more commonly on the slope located most south in the mountain area. Another common spawn point is the map south of your farm. It will be on the right side of the road to mountain area, under a tree. Sometimes, it’s behind or right side of Gotts’s house.


Most people will love mining since it is pretty much about hammering all the stones you see in mine. You can refer here for better understanding and tricks on mining.

During first Spring, you are suggested to head to at least 13th floor before starting to mine anything. Your main target will be Orichalcum. Try to get as many as you can before heading back. The next thing you want to do with them is to let Saibara make it into a brooch and sell. Considering the cost of crafting is 1,000G and selling price is 1,800G, you can earn 800G (normal mode) per sale.You may sell other ores or keep them for tools upgrading later on. In addition, you may also gift other villagers, like copper to Gray, silver to Saibara, and gold to Huang.


What is Story of Seasons without farming? Almost nothing. Farming is also a straightforward activity when it comes to earning your first bucket of gold. The general rule of thumb is to never plant any flowers, as you will only lose money. Believe it or not, the overall best earning crop during first Spring is Turnips. This is without taking account of hidden seeds (statistically impossible on first spring) and seeds sold by Huang.


Leisure farmers can also opt for fishing for a change of routine. After receiving fishing rod from Zack, you can start fishing in any waterhole you see. The most suggested area would be ocean. For dedicated fishermen, you can earn about 1,000G ~ 2,000G a day.

Horse Racing Festival

How can I not include this? This is your golden ticket to riches (about 400,000G) during your first Spring. More information on this will be published at later date.


  1. How can I get a fishing rod? I talked to Zack in his house and nothing happened 🙁

    And how do you get the fridge?

    Thank you for your posts

    • hey there, if you happen to have your birthday on spring 8, harvest goddess birthday will be moved to spring 9. this applies to everyone in the game, if you happen to have the same birthday as someone, their birthday will be moved by 1 day forward

    • i mean, you can’t give kappa on his first birthday.
      i think Day to Day reminder need to be fixed.
      by change harvest cucumber to Spring 10


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