Your First Autumn [Updated 19/7/20]


Updated 19/7/20 – Fixed Doug to Duke (typo)

Your First Autumn marks the third sequel to the Your First series, and will cover general details for players to pay more attention on. If you are lost on what to do, read on and hopefully it can get you back on the right track. Naturally, you do not have to follow the guide faithfully, and you are free to enjoy the game however you wish.

Notable Activity

Continued from Spring & Summer

  • Offering Gift to Goddess – Everyday: Do so until Van and Lou make their appearance
  • Church Confession – Every Monday, Wednesday, Raining Day 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM
  • Watching Cooking Channel – Every Tuesday

Winery Part Time Event

The part time event for Aja Winery will occur on Autumn 14 if player’s relationship with Duke and Mana are 4 hearts and above. It is also advisable to have Cliff’s heart to be as high, just so you can ask him to help out, which leads to keeping him in game.

Foraging Mushroom and Truffle

Mushrooms and Truffles spawn during Autumn, and it is highly encouraged for players to make time in foraging them in the mountain. They can also be found at the back of the church, which is only accessible if player’s relationship with Carter is high enough (4 hearts). Both are rare spawn, with truffle being rarer. The only truffle spawn in mountain is at the end of the path that is blocked by 2 large rocks (breakable with lv3 hammer) located south of lake.

Although players can ship both for money, it is actually better to keep them for cooking purposes, seeing how many recipes actually revolve around them. In fact, Truffle is also one of the best ingredients to be used during Harvest Festival.

Notable Villagers to Befriend

  • Cliff – This is necessary to keep him in game.
  • Duke & Mana (Winery couple) – For winery part time occurring on Autumn 14. Another prerequisite to keep Cliff in game.
  • Carter – To gain access to the back of church for foraging.
  • Ellen – For Christmas Socks event in Winter
  • Thomas – For receiving Christmas present during Winter
Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Autumn Guide, Your First Autumn [Updated 19/7/20]
Autumn Calendar.

Day to Day Reminder

1Planting Day, with priority in Green Pepper (best earning crop in Autumn). Head to Supermarket autumn seeds.
2Carpenter Gotts’s Birthday (lumber or honey).
Carter will appear and asks if player wants to join choir, say “yes” on it.
3Music Festival. Head to church at 6:00 PM attend choir. Doing so will increase relationship points to all villagers who joined the event.
5Young boy Yu’s Birthday (chocolate)
7Artist Brandon’s Birthday (truffle, honey, or egg)
9Harvest Festival. You may insert anything into the pot, so long it is not too weird (rocks or so). Truffle is recommended.
10Yellow Harvest Spirit Hoggy’s Birthday (flour)
11Winery lady Mana’s Birthday (dumpling powder or honey)
12Reminder to stop shaving fur of any high hearts sheep, alpaca or angora rabbits for Fur Festival (Autumn 21). Note: it takes 7 days for sheep and alpaca to regrow their fur, and 5 days for angora rabbits.
13Full Moon Festival. Head to the mountain top to view moon with your highest heart marriage candidate.
14Red Harvest Spirit Chef’s Birthday (flour or honey)
Duke will appear today to ask player if he wants a part time job. Say yes to it, and also head to church (or inn) to pass the message to Cliff.
15 Supermarket daughter Karen’s Birthday (popcorn, cheese, truffle or wine)
Head into the Winery before 10:00 AM for the event, where it ends at 5:00 PM.
Immediately run into the Town Square if you want to buy pet (Dogs for autumn) from Van.
18Horse Festival. Refer here for guide on winning a lot of money.
19Clinic Doctor’s Birthday (Poisonous mushroom, herbs or honey)
20Pastor Carter’s Birthday (Flour)
Mayor will appear and asks player if you want to join Fur Festival.
21Fur Festival. 8 hearts required to win.
23Library lady Anna’s Birthday (honey or chocolate)
27Poultry boy Rick’s Birthday (spa boiled egg)
30Pumpkin Festival. Children will come to retrieve desserts in the morning, so do prepare them if you have kitchen. May will come at 6:00 AM ~ 7:00 AM, Yu will come at 8:00 AM ~ 9:00 AM, and Popuri will come at 10:00AM ~ 11:00 AM.
Buy autumn seeds for next year. Note: There is no need to clear the field since everything will die off by themselves during Winter.
Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Autumn Guide, Your First Autumn [Updated 19/7/20]
Last season to plant.

Additional Notes

First Year’s Autumn is critical for players who intend to keep Cliff in game, so keeping his relationship up along with Duke and Mana should be the utmost priority. Most of Cliff’s heart event can only be triggered after part time event. This requirement makes Cliff earliest proposal date to be Autumn 20. Players can also read up this article to know more about the changes in courting and marriage in game.

In preparation of Winter, player should have a few animals in their farm by now to keep money flowing in during next season. Get ~2 Orange Tree from Gotts if you can, since it can be harvested during winter. Alternatively, player will want to upgrade their hoe and hammer before winter to keep them available during lake mining season.



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