Huang Marriage Requirement


Huang’s marriage requirement is significantly easier than all other three hidden marriage candidate. He may perhaps be a good choice for players who do not intend to separate the rival couples. Based on the comment of a player who did married Huang (spoiler alert), he proved to be a sweet partner and even father figure.

Anyway, the requirements to marry Huang are as follows:

  1. In possession of flower vase. This is sold by Huang on the 11th of every season when you have more than 5,000G.
  2. Seen Apple Arrangement event.
  3. Unlocked his selling feature.
  4. Unlocked his Apple Game.
  5. Have the Goddess’s affection point more than 60,000. A good indication is when the Supermarket starts selling Blue Feather when his affection point is 50,000.
  6. In possession of Large Bed, which means your house has renovated twice.

Once you fulfilled all nine requirements above, use Blue Feather in front of him to propose.

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