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Saving & Load Trick

In Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, you are allowed to save and load game anytime and anywhere you want (except event). As such, you can easily utilize such method to ease your gaming, such as:

1. Daily Usage (Heart event, Church confession, Gifting and etc)

One of the best way to use save and load trick is to do it before church confession, allowing you to get “Goddess has forgiven you” every time. In the case of wrong selection during heart events and gifting, you can always reload the game and try again.

2. Mining

Ladders to next floor are statically spawned every time you enter mine floors, and does not change during game loading. You can always enter the mine/floor and choose to save game before mining. Once you manage to find the ladder, remember its location and load the game. Run directly to that location to dig the ladder immediately, without wasting additional stamina. In fact, you can also use the same way in finding cursed tools in Lake Mine.

It is highly recommended for new players to at least dig until 13th floor before starting to mine, just so you can find rarer ores to sell. Try and get some Orichalcum Ore to craft brooch in Saibara’s Shop to sell (1800 Gold each for normal mode). That will fetch you a reasonable amount of money to start your game.

3. Horse Racing Festival

Ah, the legendary festival to make you an overnight millionaire. Horse racing festival happens every spring and autumn. It is entirely possible to use saving and load trick to get a high odds and win the horse betting, retrieving a lot of vouchers.

Remember to save the game before entering the town square. More information on this will be written in another article.

4. Weather Control

You seen it right, you can control weather in this game. It is easier than you thought. Simply save at night before going to sleep. Check the weather forecast from TV after you wake up. If it is not your desired weather, reload your game and sleep again. This is extremely useful when you’re opting for Heart events, no typhoon/storm on hurricane and etc.

Fun fact: You can also use such method to choose your newly hatched chick color, given your poultry farm has both type of chickens.

Offering Gifts to Goddess is Important

As some veteran players may know it, you can offer gifts to Goddess by throwing it to the river beside the hot spring. Offering gifts is important because it is the prerequisite to unlock Van (Pet Merchant) in game. It is also one of the many requirements to marry Goddess. The most recommended gift for Goddess is flowers, which you can pick them up for free in the mountain. You can also complete Goddess collection list (found in bookcase in house) if you want.

Naturally, the Goddess will give you something in return once you accumulate certain amount of gifting, including power berry. Psst, she will even give you a cottage if you are dedicated enough.

Story of seasons friends of mineral town tutorial and guide, Things you should know before getting started
Offering gifts to Goddess.

Notable Characters to Befriends with

There are a few characters which you should pay more attention to, as they provide certain perks for you in game. They include:

  1. Harvest Sprites – To help in farm
  2. Huang – To unlock item selling and the Apple Game
  3. Duke and Mana – For part time job and keeping Cliff in game
  4. Carter – To unlock the back of the church (to collect mushroom, truffle and etc)
  5. Anna – To unlock Anna’s Cooking Classes
  6. Ellen – To unlock Christmas Socks event
  7. Mayor – To receive gifts through Christmas Socks

Receiving Horse

You can’t buy a horse in game, but you can get it for free. Meet Mugi for the first time during spring (as early as possible recommended), and he will send you a pony the next day, asking you to take care of it. Now, make sure you talk to the pony everyday, and buy a brush from Saibara to brush it everyday. Mugi will attempt to take it away during end of year. If the affection of the pony is high, he will give it to you for free. Else, you will lose your only opportunity in getting a horse. Beware.

Unlocking Better Medicine in Clinic

It is possible to unlock a better version of medicine (Restore 100 stamina) by shipping more than 50 Blue Grass and Green Grass. Try to gather the grass as much as possible and ship them out before winter in preparation of mining in Lake Mine.

Changing Your Outfit

You can change your outfit by accessing the mirror in your house. There aren’t many choices, mostly different colour variation of your existing outfit. Depending on the location you purchase your game, you may receive special costumes like sheep costume, dog costume, cow costume and so on. Both the Japanese and Chinese version can receive the cow costume through purchasing the game in Nintendo e-store.

Story of seasons friends of mineral town tutorial and guide, Things you should know before getting started
Changing outfit in front of mirror.
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