The Changes in Courtship [Updated 19/7/20]


Update 19 July 2020: Updated report of player able to unlock Blue Feather despite having only one marriage candidate at 6 hearts

The relationship with Bachelors and Bachelorettes has been slightly revamped, and will work differently. Both Bachelors and Bachelorettes will have two bars shown in the villager list, where music note will be your friendship points, while the heart one will be your love points.

About Heart Colours

As usual, love points evolves from Gray Heart > Purple Heart > Blue Heart > Green Heart > Yellow Heart > Orange Heart > Red Heart.

  • Blue Heart allows player to trigger all friendship events (old events).
  • Green Heart allows player to confess with Eternal Flower and become lovers.
  • Orange Heart allows player to trigger lover events after a successful confession.
  • Red Heart allows player to propose using a Blue Feather.

About Eternal Flower

Eternal flower can be bought from the Supermarket, and it will count as a confession when given to a Green Heart Bachelor / Bachelorette. New players will not be able to find the flower in Supermarket during the beginning of game, since it will only be sold after player finishes the Orange Venus event (オレンジヴィーナス, English name of the flower to be confirmed). There a two ways on starting the event.

First Method – Triggering the Event during Spring or Summer

The event will only trigger on Spring or Summer if the player has completed a Friendship Event #3 (Blue Heart) of ANY bachelor or bachelorette. It starts when player exits own house on a sunny day during Supermarket opening hours (Everyday except Tuesday and Sunday, 9:00 AM ~ 17:00 PM). Important: The event will not be triggered if player is carrying anything on hand.

The second part of event will trigger 3 days later on the same timing and conditions above. The player will be given an Eternal Flower, and the Supermarket will start selling them too.

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Bachelors and Bachelorettes, The Changes in Courtship [Updated 19/7/20]
Orange Venus.

Second Method – Triggering the Event during Autumn

The player will not need to complete any hearts event for it to trigger during this season. Instead, all the player need to do is to walk out of house during a sunny day in between of Supermarket opening hours (Refer timing above).

If the player has trigger the event during Spring or Summer, Jeff will come to give the player Orange Venus seed instead. Else, the player will be brought to experience the event first (the one occurred during Spring / Summer), and on the next day, be given the Orange Venus seed.

About Blue Feather

The two ways to trigger Blue Feather to be sold in the Supermarket are:

  • First Method – Either Huang, Goddess, Kappa or Gourmet has 6 hearts and above (Hidden marriage candidates will not have their hearts visibly shown in villager list though).
  • Second Method – All 12 marriage candidates are 6 hearts (Orange Heart) and above, with one of them has Lover Event #2 finished.

Update on Second Method: Players in comment reported that you’ll only need one marriage candidate to be at Orange heart to unlock Blue Feather. Perhaps the unlock condition was updated in the newer patch(?). Either way, this was the official guide book I initially refer from.

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Bachelors and Bachelorettes, The Changes in Courtship [Updated 19/7/20]
Official Japanese Guide book explanation on Blue Feather unlocking details.

Marriage Requirement

The requirement for marriage includes (Hidden marriage candidate will have different requirements that are not mentioned here):

  • Player has renovated the house twice, and has Large Bed.
  • Completion of at least one marriage candidate’s Lover Event #2.
  • Blue Feather is sold in Supermarket.
Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Bachelors and Bachelorettes, The Changes in Courtship [Updated 19/7/20]
Wedding Day is one of the sweetest event in game.

After a successful proposal, the wedding day will occur 7 days later (Proposal Date + 7 days = Wedding Day). Since the wedding will be a whole day event, do not propose on the day where it will clash with any festival. For instance, proposal on Spring/Autumn 11 will cause you to unable attend Horse Racing Festival.

Note: It is entirely possible for same-sex marriage to have child later on, so don’t worry.

(Extra) About Casanova Achievement

First of all, the achievement is entirely optional. Player who looked through the bookcase in house would have noticed one of the achievements who require the player to be a Casanova. It literally asks the player to successfully confess to all 12 marriage candidates (hidden candidates not included), and marry one. The achievement will only be unlocked a day after the wedding, where the player will receive a mail about it.

Now for some simple calculation! The earliest time you can complete Cliff’s Blue Heart event and confess is Autumn 19. You will not have the time to propose to any candidate on the same day itself, so the earliest proposal will be on Autumn 20, making your wedding date Autumn 27 (clashing Rick’s birthday). So, by theory, the earliest date to unlock this achievement is First Year Autumn 28. However, that is not optimal in my opinion.

The earliest best date to proposal is actually Autumn 22 (since Autumn 21 is a festive day), have your wedding on Autumn 29, and receive the achievement on Autumn 30 instead. By doing so, you would not clash with any important event or birthdays.

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town Bachelors and Bachelorettes, The Changes in Courtship [Updated 19/7/20]
Hera shamelessly receiving her achievement.

There is no exact perks in having this achievement unlocked. The only good part is perhaps you get to experience as much of the game content (friendship and lover events) without starting an entirely new file. Similarly, there is no sign of jealousy or hatred after the marriage from other candidates, proving the achievement will not provide any negative impact to the game itself. So gentlemen (and ladies), go forth and conquer them all!


  1. The Blue Feather became available to me when ONE candidate had an orange heart.
    I had Gray at orange and saw the event then it became available.

    The hidden candidates had zero notes and hearts (I assume, anyway) and the other 11 had blue hearts.

    Not sure where you got that information but it’s seemingly incorrect from my experience.

    • Translated directly from the official guide book released in Japan. Proof here:

      If there’s any changes, perhaps there was a new patch or something which I did not keep track of.

      • Huh, that’s strange!

        It definitely unlocked with very minimal requirements on my end. Maybe they changed it after the initial game release, who knows.

        • Possible. I was told that they even changed Cliff’s mechanics where he doesn’t leave forever but will return again upon patch 1.12 or something.

          • There’s no reason that all 12 marriage candidates would need to have an orange heart; it should unlock just as SoS said: with one bachelor/bachelorette being at orange.

          • I will not be able to confirm that since I stopped playing the game at least half a year ago and the guide was written based on the official Japanese guide book published back then. As I said, the condition could be updated along with the new patches which I am not keeping track of.

            Anyhow, I will have the post updated on this finding as a possible outcome until more people confirm the update.

  2. Wait, does this mean you can confess and “date” to any one of them but you can only marry one? Just like in Stardew Valley?

  3. i tried giving the preserved flower to cliff when he was at orange but he wont accept it, what am i meant to so

    • You must pass the introduction event, black heart event, purple heart event, and blue heart event.
      After that marriage candidate that have at least green heart can be dated by giving preserved flower.

      • Hi there i was trying to marry Cliff but he didnt seem to accept my preserved flower nor my blue feather even tho he has red heart. Do you have any idea? thanks a lot

    • I believe it’s possible, I waited for a while before proposing to Gray even though I could have before then. I proposed to him in winter of the second year, even though he was at max in the fall. I then got married to him on the second of Spring in Year 3. If you propose to someone in fall, then you’ll most likely get married in winter. Meaning that yes, you can get married in year 2. Just make sure they have all the hearts and you’ve done all of the heart events.

      • ah i see, i thought this game has same rule like previous game which makes you must propose the candidate before the end of year 1

        thanks for the answer, i’ve missed Kai’s blue event so i need to wait ‘til next year :”

  4. Panic mode on: i didnt know you’re supposed to confess with the Eternal Flower and I got it when I already got Marie’s heart turned red. Is it still possible to confess and then marry her?

  5. For the “I Choose You” (Casanova) achievement, is it possible to get it if you confess to all 12 candidates but then marry one of the hidden candidates ie. Goddess?

    • I would like to know the answer to this as well. Can someone help clarify this to us? Even if I don’t get the achievement, can I marry the Goddess if I dated some of the candidates? Or would it block the chance to marrying the Goddess forever? Waiting for 5 years alone is harsh 😛

    • Yes you could as long as you met all her requirements to marry her. I got the achievement and tried marrying Huang. They’re both Hidden Marriage so I think it is plausible to think so. The achievement stays even if you load your previous day before proposing, at least that’s what happened to me. And yes, I saved before confessing to Ran and Karen before proposing in just a day. LOL After loading my previous data, the achivement stayed. So, if you just want the achievement then, try to confess to them all in one day before proposing to one then load your game before it happened.

  6. So if i want to unlock “I Choose You” Achievement. I only need to make a confess All Marriage Candidate With Green Heart (16 Person) with total 16 Preserved Flower?

    Do i need to trigger All Marriage Candidate Yellow Heart Event & Orange Heart Event? FYI : I already trigger all Introduction, Gray, Purple, Blue(Except Kai) Event before. All Marriage Candidate also have been above Blue Heart (Except Kai).

    To be honest its so wasting time to visit and bring All Marriage Candidate Everyday. But im very interested to unlock this Achievement. Another reason? Ok this is what i thinking while i want to trigger All Marriage Candidate Event. Marie (Because Glasseye girl is the BEST) already has Red Heart. While there is an festival simmilar like Firework Festival, Player will watch Firework with the Highest Heart between All Marriage Candidate. And then i want to unlock Achievement “I Choose You”, so just think if i already trigger All Marriage Candidate Event (All, 16 Person) and their Heart also Orange. Then when the Firework Festival Event come. The Player will watch it with someone right? Player cannot decide which one will he/she watch with. The event must be watched with the hightest Heart. Then what if there is 2 Marriage Candidate had a Red Heart?if its watched with your Focused Candidate its ok, Its feel like a happy ending. But what if you watch it with another candidate instead with your Focused Candidate because their 2 had a Same Red Heart!? WTF?! Is seem a little bit scary right? To be honest i dont know how this festival or simmilar festival works. But i think this POSSIBLE to happen.

    Just dont said to me to “ah man just don’t go to that festival if you dont want to watch firework with another girl”. Its might be a option, but what i got then?


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