Kappa Marriage Requirement


It may sound surprising to some but the requirement to tie the knot with Kappa is actually slightly harder than the Goddess. Most of the prerequisite are identical to the Goddess though. The only tricky part is the needs of Kappa Gem, which the Kappa Jewels can only be dug during Winter (Lake Mine).

Similar to the Goddess counterpart, players have to select “Kappa” when the Goddess prompt you her question on the 20th offering. Failed to do so will lock you away from the marriage. Now for the rest of the requirements:

  1. Explicitly mention “Want to marry Kappa” during church confession, and receive “God has forgiven you”. It is almost necessary to utilize Save & Load trick for this, because the condition wouldn’t unlock otherwise.
  2. Ship every items available in game. You can refer the list through the bookcase in your house. Once you finished shipping them all, the Goddess will appear to confirm it.
  3. Fish every fish species in game.
  4. Collect all the items in both Spring Mine and Lake Mine, and that includes all ores, cursed tools and more. Again, the Goddess will inform you if you collected them all.
  5. In possession of Kappa Gem. In another words, you need to first find 9 Kappa Jewel in Lake Mine (Refer here for more information).
  6. Have game progressed more than 5 game years.
  7. Have the Kappa’s affection point more than 60,000. A good indication is when the Supermarket starts selling Blue Feather when his affection point is 50,000.
  8. In possession of Large Bed, which means your house has renovated twice.

You may propose with Blue Feather in front of the Lake upon completion of all requirements.

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