Gourmet Marriage Requirement

Cooking Competition

Frankly, Gourmet is actually one interesting character to be together with. He looks comedic, in a good way. His requirements are not too ridiculous too, when compared to Goddess and Kappa. If you are interested in making him your man, here are what you need:

  1. Collect all cooking recipe, and cook each of them at least once.
  2. Win Cooking Competition at least 5 times. In another words, requiring a gameplay of at least 5 game years.
  3. Have the Gourmet’s affection point more than 50,000. A good indication is when the Supermarket starts selling Blue Feather when his affection point is 50,000.
  4. In possession of Large Bed, which means your house has renovated twice.

Once you fulfilled all nine requirements above, use Blue Feather in front of him to propose.

Additionally, cooking a dish a day is equivalent to talking to him once a day. Gourmet will also stay at the town square’s bench at 6:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM during cooking competition day, where you can gift him present, talk to him, or use Blue Feather.

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