General Gifts for all Villagers


Ever find yourself having trouble carrying all kinds of gifts when you are performing daily gifting routine for villagers? Have you always wanted a less hassle way? In all honesty, gifting should not be a core for players who wanted to focus more on other activities. If you are not too particular on getting the best gift for villagers, this is the exact place you are looking for!

Most items suggested here can be found easily or even free. You can either get them from supermarket, foraging, winery, or even your own farm. Without much saying, let’s get a more thorough look below. PS: Characters may duplicate so choose which you prefer to be using.

Chocolate – Supermarket (100G)

Dumpling Powder – Supermarket (100G)

Flour – Supermarket (50G)

Flower – Mountain or Farm (Self Plant)

Grape – Farm (Tree)

Honey – Farm (Tree)

Rice Balls – Supermarket (100G)

Wine – Aja Winery (300G)


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