General Gifts for all Villagers [Updated 23/7/2020]


Updated 23/7/2020 – Fixed several localizations issue

Ever find yourself having trouble carrying all kinds of gifts when you are performing daily gifting routine for villagers? Have you always wanted a less hassle way? In all honesty, gifting should not be a core for players who wanted to focus more on other activities. If you are not too particular on getting the best gift for villagers, this is the exact place you are looking for!

Most items suggested here can be found easily or even free. You can either get them from supermarket, foraging, winery, or even your own farm. Without much saying, let’s get a more thorough look below. PS: Characters may duplicate so choose which you prefer to be using.

Chocolate – Supermarket (100G)

Dango Flour – Supermarket (100G)

Wheat Flour – Supermarket (50G)

Flower – Mountain or Farm (Self Plant)

Grape – Farm (Tree)

Honey – Farm (Tree)

Onigiri – Supermarket (100G)

Wine – Aja Winery (300G)


  1. Can you please give a guide on the advantages of a high FP with every villagers?
    Like with Jeff you could enter the supermarket earlier?

    • Most of the benefits you get through high FP with other villagers are to get recipes and certain special perks like Jeff (earlier entry) and Pastor (to unlock backyard of the church to gather truffle/white grass) or Duke/Manna (to get cliff to stay)

    • Gold Ore is the easiest thing he likes to raise his affection quicker at earlier times. If you can’t give him that, a slower option are regular apples. They’re only slower because he doesn’t like them as much as Gold Ore.


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