Earning 2,000,000G through Horse Racing


Horse Racing Festival is perhaps if not the most money earning method in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Players can literally find themselves swimming with gold during the first year of game. We are talking about 2,000,000G here, and no, there isn’t a typo on the number of zeros. We are really talking about two million gold here. Through the same method, new farmers can also find themselves about 400,000G during first spring. The Horse Racing Festival happens every Spring 18 and Autumn 18, so mark your dates.

The trick is nothing difficult. It requires almost no skills, only much patience and luck. Surely, some preparations are required for such sorcery to happen.

The Basic Preparations (Especially First Spring)

First and foremost, you will need a large rucksack by Spring 18. Medium rucksack will work too, if you can’t make it for the large version (more to be explained below). Secondly, you need to prepare a good amount of funds, about 10,000G or as much as you can. Basically, the higher the better. Last but not the least, empty your rucksack and save before entering the town square. Since this is the most crucial part, I will repeat it once more, save before entering the town square.

Story of seasons: Friends of mineral town quick money guide, Earning 2,000,000G through Horse Racing
Betting horse in high odds.

The Main Course

There will be a total of three races in the festival. While the first race have static odds, the remaining second and third race’s odds are random. Therefore, your job is to reload your game until the horse you bet wins the race when the odds are high. The most optimal result you are looking for is winning a 20x or above odds. Such cases are rare, and you may find yourself doing this for the next hour or two.

A slightly easier way to assure the horse you bet can win is to bet on those who are 2nd lowest in terms of odds. As proven in the screenshot way above, it is still possible to receive a 20x odds this way. Otherwise, you can also settle for a 10+ odds. You will earn lesser but that will save you a lot of time.

For first Spring players, just go all in with your money. As for the rest of the players, the amount of money you should be putting should be equivalent to the odds you are betting on. Generally, you will want to earn about 54,000 vouchers. So, the equation would be: 54,000 / odds = tickets you should be purchasing. That is to say, in an instance of 20x odds, you will be doing 54,000 / 20 = 2700, aka buying 2700 tickets during the bet. Anything more than 54,000 vouchers will not earn you more money in a single festival.

There is also another trick for players who already own an adult horse. Bet on yourself as the odds can go as high as 40x when you participate in horse racing.

Story of seasons: Friends of mineral town quick money guide, Earning 2,000,000G through Horse Racing
Adult horse can join horse racing.

I have the vouchers, now what?

Depending which timeline you are on, you will be using the vouchers differently. The concepts remain the same, however. You will need to talk to Thomas for voucher exchanging. Do not leave the festival before you exchange your vouchers.

For First Spring Players

You’ll be looking at brooch (18 vouchers) in the voucher exchange. Assuming you have an empty large rucksack, you will need 216 Brooches to fully fill up all 24 slots. That will be 3,888 vouchers required. Assuming you also want to buy Gem of Truth (1,000 voucher) and Power Berry (900 vouchers), you will need a total of 5,788 vouchers. Consequently, shipping all brooch will fetch you about 390,000G (normal mode), or 460,000G (easy mode).

In the scenario that you only have medium rucksack and still want to earn about as much money, it is also possible under one condition – You will need to befriend Huang (4 hearts) first to unlock the feature of him buying items from you. If that condition is cleared, the first two items you need to buy from Thomas during voucher exchange are Gem of Truth and Power Berry. Close the dialogue, and talk to Thomas again for voucher exchange. In this round, you will find Dress within the exchange list. Purchase as much Dress as you can, and the remaining on Brooch. Ship all the brooch, and sell all Dress to Huang. You should be earning about the same amount (because that’s what I did).

For Other Players

This will be written under the assumption of you already unlocked Huang’s selling feature. You will want to first purchase Gem of Truth and Power Berry from Thomas during voucher exchange (if you have never done it before). Now, close the dialogue and reopen the voucher exchange menu again. Purchase all Dress (250 vouchers) you could, which should be 216 of them (max you can carry is 9*24 = 216, and 216*250 is 54000 vouchers, get it now?). Sell all the dresses to Huang one by one. Huang will be buying them at a price of 11,800G ~ 12,800G each. As a result, you will find yourself earning more than 2,000,000G.

In conclusion, is the entire effort worth it? I would personally say yes for players who wished to get their farm up and running well as early as possible. For players who simply wanted to enjoy the game at their own pace, perhaps you should stray away from such trick. The choice is up to you.


  1. You can improve this further by getting 4 Hearts with Huang and getting “Van’s Favorite” item to sell to him for up to 57k gold, doing it repeatedly(daily) and getting enough gold to buy horse racing tickets will net you 2m gold in your first spring horse race event.

    It really does take out almost every ounce of challenge in the game though.

    • On a second thought, Van’s favorite was already patched, I just realized it only worked for me because the fresh install is outdated (even though western version released late).

  2. To me Huang only sold me the dress at the highest price of 12700G, is this just me not repeating enough dialogue with Huang or?

  3. The first race isnt fixed. Frankie at 19× odds has a 98% chance to win. But chivalry at 26x odds can win rarely. I’ve seen it.


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