Earning 1,000,000G from Huang [Updated 26/7/20]


Update 26/7/20 – added nifty tool by Joe Catarata!

Remember the back old days where Huang scam your money with the impossible Apple Game? Do you ever wish to get revenged on that? Or perhaps are you just here to see how can you scam him for a bucket of gold? In either case, you will love it here.

The Apple Game is a mini-game you can play with Huang since the olden times. It is notoriously referred as a scam, seeing how it hard it is to win the game. The thing is, the impression is not exactly incorrect. The Apple Game is annoying, but not impossible to win. And here, you will learn how to beat him in it.

Unlocking the Apple Game

Obviously, you have to first unlock the Apple Game before playing it. The Apple Game can be unlocked once Huang’s friendship is 6 hearts. In another words, you should start offering him tons of Gold (ore) you mine until the mini-game is available to you. It is easy to know if you have reach that far, since you will immediately get a cut-scene after entering Zack’s house, where he will prompt you to play the Apple Game with him.

Understanding the Concept

The Apple Game is basically a game where Huang shows you 3 identical apples with long names, and shuffles them around. After that, he will prompt you to pinpoint the position of a particular apple.

The game comes with a set of 10 rounds, and you will only be able to progress to the next round if you win. For each set, the shuffling speed will first start slow, and as you progress (win), it will become faster and faster. Winning a set (10 rounds) will earn you a White Flower from him. Your goal is to get your hands on that flower.

Speed of Apple Game at Round 10 (Fastest).

Winning the Game

You can check out this nifty tool by Joe Catarata to make it easier for you! Visit here

Before you start, you have to identify the three apples first. For ease of remembering, we will provide a single alphabet code for each of them:

  • A – AEPFE Apple aka Angel ● Eternal ● Pure ● Fresh ● Elegant Apple
  • H – HMSGB Apple aka Hyper ● Miracle ● Sweet ● Gorgeous ● Beautiful Apple
  • S – SUGDW Apple aka Super ● Ultra ● Great ● Delicious ● Wonderful Apple

Next, you will want to recognize the numbering of each shuffle:

  • 1 will be when the first apple exchange position with the second apple.
  • 2 will be when the second apple exchange position with the third apple.
  • 3 will be when the third apple exchange position with the first apple.
Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town easy money guide won, Earning 1,000,000G from Huang [Updated 26/7/20]
Numbering of each shuffle.

Starting the Game

When Huang starts to mention the sequence of each apple, you should jot down the alphabets somewhere (paper, notepad or something), such as SHA, or HSA etc.

The second step you want to do is to take out your phone and record the entire shuffling process. This will be your insurance in reconfirming the numbers of each shuffle. There are also cases of players using video editor to check the frame one by one… I will leave it to you to decide what is best. Confident players can skip this step though.

Remember the numbers sequence as Huang shuffles the apple, you will end up with numbers like 1223221. The real key is to find out the last 2 digits though. If necessarily, you will also want to write down the apple which Huang is asking the position on.

Subsequently, compare your alphabets and shuffling number with the table below. For example, you started with HAS, and your shuffling number is 13312133. Based on the table, you will be getting SHA. This means if Huang asked for the position of H (HMSGB Apple), you should be answering “Middle”.

Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town easy money guide won, Earning 1,000,000G from Huang [Updated 26/7/20]
Determining the apple’s position.

Getting Your 1,000,000G from Huang

While selling the flower you won to Huang will fetch you about 80,000G, there is actually a way to earn even more money out of him. If you give 10 of that flower to the Goddess, she will return you with a Goddess Flower (Queen of the Night). Selling that Goddess Flower to Huang will earn you 1,000,000G. As for whether you want to play 10 sets (100 rounds) of Apple Game with Huang for that amount of money, you be the judge.


    • based on your result you should be getting SHA. It is correct! Make sure you’re looking at the right cell in the table 🙂

      • Is this a situation with the programming in the game specifically or is this a general truth for “swapping” games? i am not finding anything on google that would lead to a revelation for “Last two Swaps” being the only thing that matters in the ball in cup game (which definitely would be an article if that was true) so i am not entirely sure if your chart is correct. without an explanation as to why we only care about the last two swaps your data might be based on your observations and may not have all possible scenarios.

        • You can try and play up the apple game and follow the chart, it pretty much requires only the last 2 digit of the shuffle to produce the results and it will always produce the correct results!

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the prize! I personally find it easier to record with slowmo on my phone and rewatch it lol but damn, the table is legit! Kudos to you 🙋🏻‍♂️

  2. Great idea to use my phone to check frame by frame! Made the process super easy and I never would have thought of it!

  3. Eh one question, is it possible to repeat the process? Will goddess accept another and other set of ten White Flowers to give more Goddess Flower? Thanks for your help.

    • But Goddess Flower repetition aside, I think to myself it’s easier to sell White Flower to Huang for somewhat 80k as much as we want rather than throwing it to Goddess, unless you want to give it to Goddess for +-200k cus such contribution has to be done daily anyway…

    • UPDATE: I tried throwing the 11th White Flower to Goddess and it triggers countdown dialogue again, guess we can repeat process…

  4. Well nice, it works… But I’m sooo lazy to do that but i kinda want to get 1mil, it would help a lot for breeding and upgrading the farm

  5. By the way, using the built-in last 30s video recording of the Switch also works! You do have to jump back an forth between album and game whoever.

  6. Thank you for this guide! I won and sell that flower to Huang with around 80,000 gold in spring, and with that money, I earn around 2,300,000 gold through horse racing with your guide too. So satisfying!


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