Cursed Tools and How to Use Them [Updated 22/7/2020]


Updated on 22 July 2020: The latest patch from Marvelous that updated the game to version 1.1.2 now requires all six tools at Mystrile in order to obtain the Cursed Tools

For new players in the series, cursed tools are a set of special tools found in Lake Mine, which is only accessible during winter. They are more powerful than your existing upgradable tools, even stronger than Mythic-level ones. Still, it is named such because you cannot take them off after equipping them. You can only use them normally after you “bless” them accordingly.

Now, before we dive in into that, we need to talk about how to find them first. Cursed tools only spawn at specific floors in Lake Mine, namely:

  • Floor 29 – Cursed Fishing Rod
  • Floor 39 – Cursed Hoe
  • Floor 49 – Cursed Axe
  • Floor 59 – Cursed Hammer
  • Floor 69 – Cursed Watering Can
  • Floor 79 – Cursed Scythe

Tricks in Digging Cursed Tools

It is highly recommended for players to utilize the Save & Load trick when getting your way down the mine. You can read more about mining, ladder finding, dropping-down hole here.

Most importantly, always, and I repeat, always remember to save at Floor X8 before going down to the said cursed tools floor. Cursed tools does not always spawn, and you will need to reload your game to X8 Floor and go down again for a chance to spawn them. Also, you need empty slot in your tools section to be able to dig them. Beware on accidentally equipping any cursed tools during your run in the mine, seeing that will be a tragedy.

From personal experience, it took me about 3 hours (excluding the breaks I took in between) in finding them all in a single run. Some unlucky players reported it took them around 4-5 hours instead. Stamina wise, I used only less than 10 Bodigizer XL through Save & Load trick.

Cursed tools can spawn anywhere around the floor, even border, around the stairs, or under stones. And unlike its predecessor, you do not need to possess any Mythic-level tools to find them (refer to the update above). In fact, you can also find cursed tools when you have 0 friendship with everyone in town.

Blessing Cursed Tools

After finding cursed tools, the next step you will want to proceed is to bless them. Different cursed tools require different blessing method, regardless of its description telling you to bring it to the church. The blessing methods are as follow:

  • Use 50 times (charging up still count as 1) – Cursed Fishing Rod and Cursed Axe
  • Bless them in church 5 times (Monday, Wednesday or Raining/Snowing Day 1:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM) – Cursed Hoe and Cursed Watering Can
  • Continuously equip for 5 days – Cursed Hammer and Cursed Scythe (Best done during winter)

Happy digging!


    • indeed mythic leveled ones are stronger than the blessed ones. I don’t know why vynli mention that blessed tools are stronger than mythic tools

  1. Do you have to actually use the cursed rod for it to count? (As in, catch something with it)? I’ve just thrown it more than 50 times and it’s still stuck on me and I can’t unequip it.

    • happens to me too! I tried using it more than it just, poof! Now its blessed fishing rod xD
      maybe i lost track of my terrible counting

      • Do you know if you have to charge it up each time or if taking a bath or something restarts the count?? Been trying to get it to work for a while now lol

    • In the old game, you have to use it 255 times, no charging needed.
      For blessing, it need to be blessed 10 times. For equipping, you need to equip for 10 consecutive days.

  2. You don’t actually need to save 8 floors above the specified floors. I already debunked that theory of yours cuz I saved one floor above and I manage to get cursed fishing rods after a few tries.

    • They meant you save the floor above the specified levels, not 8 floors above. Floor “X8” just meant floor 28, 38, 48, etc. depending on which floor you were looking for the cursed tool on (because each floor you find the tools on are “X9,” or 29, 39, 49, etc).

  3. Same here.. I have tried for 7 times lake mines but still can’t find it, I mean for the first cursed tool… I have 6 mitril tools but no matter how many times I have refresh the 29 floor, still dun have.. Mine is English version Nintendo switch… Can advice me what should I do?

    • Hi, I got it! All 6! Initially I was wondering if I lack of anything.. Doubting myself… But it is OK… If u got 6 mitril tools, dun worry, just have to continue to refresh and to dig. When u get your first cursed tool, you will continue doing it till you get the rest😊. Good luck!!

  4. This doesn’t seem to have been addressed, but can the cursed tools spawn in the dirt under rocks, or do they only spawn in the exposed dirt?

    • No, wait, it was addressed, my bad. My eyes are tired from searching for these tools, so I think I must’ve skipped over the passage three times in a row


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