Best Crop Profit Rotation [Updated on 21/7/2020]


Updated on 21 July 2020: Added info on how to increase crop star
Updated on 13 July 2020: Updated the typo on seed price for Cabbage and Pumpkin.

Certainly, farming can be a relaxing routine for many. All you have to do are tilt the ground, scatter seeds, water around, and voila, time to ship it for gold. Deciding what to grow can even be a whim. Some players might even be growing based on the best profit they can get. In here, we will have discussion each crop. Comparisons will be highlighted to find out the best money-earning ones in each season.

The rule of thumb in crop planting will be do not plant flowers. They don’t profit at all. Other than that, hidden seed crops are highlighted in red, while seeds sold by Huang are highlighted in blue.


Spring is perhaps the most crucial season on decision making for first year players. Although new players are suggested to go for cucumber (Kappa) and potato (rushing early funds for rucksack and horse racing), they are not necessarily the best crop out there to be planted in spring.

CropGrowth Day (Next Harvest)Purchase per SeasonHarvest per SeasonSeed PriceCrop PriceSeason Profit

Based on the table, Strawberry proved to be best earning crop in spring, not Cabbage. However, since Strawberry is one of the hidden seeds, it will be unavailable to the player until the unlock condition is met. Cabbage being the second highest earning is sold by Huang. Despite being the second best option, the high seed price and long growth discourage first year players from getting their hands on it. The best crop for first year players is actually Turnip.


There is not much to say about this seasons other than pineapples really. You should focus on pineapples, and pineapples. This preach remain the same for all players, unless you are aiming for hidden seed unlock. For veteran SoS players, you may notice the changes in price in some crops (Reduction for Tomato and Corn, and Increase for Pumpkin).

CropGrowth Day (Next Harvest)Purchase per SeasonHarvest per SeasonSeed PriceCrop PriceSeason Profit

As expected from its many predecessor, Pineapple remains as the champion summer crop in the game. Its high profit is jaw dropping, tempting a good amount of players to abuse bug to keep them growing throughout the year (yes, it is possible. We will talk about that next time in another article). Coming second would be Corn, the one useful crop you can find out there. Corn can be turn into Chicken/Rabbit Feeding, and planting a good amount of them can easily make yourself self sufficient in poultry food. Likewise, players can turn Corn into Popcorn to gain Karen’s undying affection.


The new crops added for autumn are Chili and Red Bean. The change made autumn to have a whooping 7 types of crops to be grown, causing autumn to be most likely the busiest season of the year.

CropGrowth Day (Next Harvest)Purchase per SeasonHarvest per SeasonSeed PriceCrop PriceSeason Profit
Sweet Potato6(3)18300553660
Green Pepper7(2)112150404170
Red Bean10(4)15300803300
Chili12 (6)143001003300

Surprisingly, Green Pepper replaced Sweet Potato when it comes in this game (Back then, Sweet Potato used to profit even higher than Pineapple). Due to the clashes in number of growth day and next harvest day, you will generally find yourself having a chaos in harvesting. There are no exact cure on this, unless you are willing to spread out the planting time (which lowers your season’s profit).

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Crop rotation, Best Crop Profit Rotation [Updated on 21/7/2020]
Planting the right crop will earn you more money.

Planting Schedule

The schedule is tabulated for players who enjoy min-maxing. With this schedule, you will be able to manage your Harvest Spirits more efficiently, and that’s a good plus if you intend to fully utilize your farm field.

  • ⚪ as Planting
  • ⭕ as Harvesting (and re-plant if applicable)
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Crop rotation, Best Crop Profit Rotation [Updated on 21/7/2020]
Crop Planting Schedule.

Unlocking Hidden Seeds

There are a total of three hidden seeds in the game, being Strawberry for Spring, Pumpkin for Summer, and Spinach for Autumn. To unlock them, you need to ship at least 100 of each respective season’s crops sold by the Supermarket.

Bonus: How to get 5 star crops

A fertile farm land is tightly tie to the rating of the crops you grew. You may check your farmland’s fertility at the farm profile. The method to increase land fertility is not hard but certainly annoying. Use your hoe to tilt the land until mole appears, and kill the mole. Your land fertility increases 1 time for every 100 moles you kill.


  1. Is the profits for cabbage right? If the seeds are 1000 a bag, after 2 harvests the profits should only be 2500. Are the seeds 500 a bag instead?

    • Hi, thank you for pointing it out. seems like we’ve mixed up some of the prices for few seeds. We will adjust it so that it reflects the price of individual bag of seeds instead! And yes you were right, it is supposed to be 500 a bag!

  2. Hi I’m a brand new beginner, to tilt the land for soil fertilization, 1) do I need to hammer the tilted area to clear the land and re-tilt for mole appearing chance or 2) can I basically tilt the tilted area for land fertilization and mole appearing chance? Thanks for your help.

    • You have to hammer and re-tile. But it is better to do it after you’re further into the game. The amount of effort to put in to kill 100 moles is not THAT significant.

  3. I’m amazed, I must say. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and
    engaging, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something which too few men and
    women are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt
    for something regarding this.

  4. Thank you so much for this! Found it while making one last search for this sort of breakdown before giving up and making a spreadsheet myself. Just one tiny correction I found that needs doing: the Fall table lists 8 eggplant harvests per season instead of 7. Otherwise looks perfect and super helpful! 🙂

  5. One thing to note with Autumn Crops. Depending on which mode you’re playing on and the fertility level of your field, the crop that yields the highest profit actually changes.

    Simple Mode – Green Peppers are only the most profitable at 1 stars. 2 stars and beyond make Spinach the most profitable Autumn Crop. So perhaps when you reach field fertility level 2, if not level 3, focus on Spinach. By 5 star quality, on a single 3×3 field, Spinach will make 194 more than Green Peppers.

    Normal Mode – Green Peppers remain the most profitable Autumn crop until you reach 5 star fertility, after which Spinach overtakes Green Peppers as the most profitable. Not by much. For only one 3×3 field, 5 star spinach makes 32 more than 5 star Green Peppers in a single season. Player would have to decide whether they want to replant Spinach for a small profit margin.

  6. I’m a bit confused by your 5-star crop guide.. by all means you raise the fertility of your field and star rank by buying the field upgrades at gotts place with the first upgrade available spring of year 2 and the others upgrades every year after.

  7. I did whacked 200 moles on 2nd year spring and i still cannot upgrade field
    and field is still level 2 from previous upgrade from gotts

    you can get 1 farm point every 100 kill though (your score)


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