All Power Berry Locations

Story of Seasons Friends of mineral town Power Berry Locations, All Power Berry Locations

New players can quickly find themselves depleting their energy (top left screen) when first starting the game. It is actually possible to double your energy bar through findings of Power Berry. There is a total of 10 Power Berries and a special Power Berry in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Some are easy to access, while some are a bit tricky. Players are highly advised to work on them whenever they can to prolong their daily activities, like more crops or animals.

The location of 10 Power Berries are:

  • 4 Hearts on Goddess (continuous gift offering for 10 times)
  • Tilting grounds within the farm
  • Exchange coupon during Horse Racing Festival
  • 100th Floor of Spring Mine
  • 19th Floor of Lake Mine
  • Behind the Lake Mine (during winter)
  • Fishing in the ocean during winter with Mythic Fishing Rod
  • Champion (1st prize) in Horse Racing Festival
  • Champion in Beach Festival (Pet)
  • Purchase in Supermarket (appears after purchase of Large Bed through Gotz)

As for the special Power Berry (blue color), you may receive it after offering 10 cucumbers to the Kappa (once a day), which can be easily achieved during First Spring.


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