Accessing the Church’s Backyard


It is actually possible to access the back of the church if player has optimal relationships with Carter. There is not much value there normally, but you can forage mushroom and truffles there during autumn, and white grass during winter. You can access the land there by going through the right door inside the church. It will always be locked though, until player experience Carter’s event.

The event is split into two parts:

The First Part

  • Carter’s relationship is at 4 hearts or above.
  • Wednesday, after 4:00 PM
  • Trigger by entering the Church

Completion of the first part will allow player to unlock “Carter’s Secret” event.

The Second Part (Carter’s Secret)

  • Carter’s relationship is at 6 hearts or above.
  • Monday of Autumn, 4:00 PM ~ 10:00 PM.
  • Trigger by entering the Church.

Select “Yes” when Carter asked you to keep the secret, and he will allow you to access the back door anytime you want.

Story of seasons friends of mineral town accessing church backyard, Accessing the Church’s Backyard
Spawn points in church backyard.


  1. Is the Matsutake what is referred to as a truffle? I’ve only been able to find those, along with poison mushrooms. I’m just hoping it’s a translation difference as opposed to me being unlucky!


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