Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Is it still worth to join as a new player?


Ragnarok M: Eternal Love has launched since October 31, 2018 in SEA region and January 9, 2019 globally. While global server remained average high in rating at 3.9 for Google Play Store, SEA region’s rating has dropped drastically to only 2.8 over the course of time.

So, is the game still worth it to start as a new player?
Well, a personal answer would be: it depends.

What The Game Offers

To begin, the game is one of the rare good mobile adaptations for Gravity Co.’s Ragnarok Online. It inherited most of the original classes, NPCs and monsters, so players coming from the original PC MMORPG would quickly find themselves reliving the good (and bad) memories inside.

There are a total of 14 classes in game (eventual 15 with the upcoming Doram race), and with the support feature of multi-classes, players can play any classes they want all within the same character. All models remain colorful and attractive, albeit the lack of “high-end graphic” offered by other mobile games like Black Desert Mobile.

The game also feature various kind of party instances, including Endless Tower, Oracle, Thanatos Tower, and more. As for guild wars, the game features War of Emperium (WoE) and War of Crystals (WoC). War of Emperium allows guild to capture guild castles which in return, gain eligibility to participate in War of Crystals, where 4 guilds compete to capture 5 crystals to win the competition. Winning guild wars are essential because it will then allow guild leader to craft God Weapons and Armors.

Additionally, there are also PvP Arena for blood thirsty players. There are a variety of PvP modes, though the most interesting one would be Magic Prison (also known as 6v6). Magic Prison is basically CTF (Capture the Flag) mode by 2 parties of 6 players each. The party members are expected to kill and capture orbs for points within the arena. Winning Magic Prison in competitive mode will earn players medals, which can be exchanged into exclusive equipment and mounts.

Overall, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love covers most features a player would want from a mobile MMO. The game may not be perfect in some aspects, but it has certainly done better than what many others offered. It would be even better if the publisher XD Global pay more attention to players.

Ragnarok M Eternal Love review worth playing, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Is it still worth to join as a new player?
A dancer with Obeanue pet.

The Real Deal

However, to really answer our main question, the player should first understand how the game works. Unlike normal MMORPG where a character’s strength lies simply on levels and gears, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love gameplay relies heavily on Gold Medal (GM) and Contribution Point, where both affect skills and stats greatly.

Gold Medals and Contribution Points can be accumulated by donating materials into the guild. Given the limited amount of times you can donate in a day, there is almost no way for a new player to catch up with existing players.

To provide a better perspective, a player can most likely earn an average of 3 Gold Medals and ~5,000 Contribution Points a day. Where as of now, most average-geared player in SEA region would have at least 500 Gold Medals and 500k Contribution Points. Even for the most hardworking new player, the gap between a new and existing character will always remain one way or another. It is an unfortunate and harsh truth.

Another concern would be headgear and card deposits, which mainly affects stats like ATK / MATK, HP, and DEF. While deposits are “catch up-able” by splurging Zeny (in-game currency) in Exchange (In-game market), it is definitely not an overnight task. Some players may also took notice of the monthly cash costume and headgear available in game. They too, affect deposits though mainly on ATK% and MATK%.

The game may sound pay-to-win by now, but it is not entirely true. The game can be played as an free-to-play player, and it is highly proven that they can be equally strong through hard work. The only downfall is perhaps your damage number is not god-tier, but eh, you will do just fine in dungeons and MVPs with the right party.

Ragnarok M Eternal Love review worth playing, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love – Is it still worth to join as a new player?
God Axe and back crafted through guild.


Alright, the information above may be overwhelming and heavy. So let’s switch up a bit.

In the scenario of the player is casual, or simply wanted a game to start with a bunch of friends to have fun and all, Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is no doubt a good choice. It is even more appealing for those who came from the classic Ragnarok Online.

If you are planning to be competitive and starting with a totally new account, it would probably be an extremely bad idea. You won’t catch up, so do try to not even think about it.

Now for a very special case: What if you intend to buy a matured account and play as a new player instead? This is definitely a good viable option, seeing how cheap a decently equipped character cost nowadays. Still, it should be noted that RMT is illegal in game, so players should take full responsibility of their actions (particularly, if they are scammed by a seller).

Welp, that’s it. It went longer than expected but I hope this covers most questions about the game. For players who are interested, do drop by and try the game. The game is definitely worth while to be experienced even for a short while.

SEA Region: https://www.ragnaroketernallove.com/
Global Region: https://romelglobal.com/

New Player Friendly
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  1. Great review! I would say you nailed every aspect of what a new player would need to understand to have a better overall experience with ROM. As a player who has played since the release, I would like to say that yes, it is mostly a pay to win kind of game to be completely honest. In fact, I believe new players who are seeking a complete FTP experience should quite frankly have their own servers, but this is not the case. Maybe we will see something like this arise in the future, but I wouldn’t set my sights too high. I love the idea of welcoming new players and there is quite the community that thinks the same. This game is great. Especially players who have played the original Ragnarok. Just know that if you are competitive in nature and plan to play PvP, MVP, etc. that you understand that without paying for BCC, which can provide exclusive gear, your chances of successfully participating drop drastically. I hope to see new updates that cater to the needs of new players because, without that, this game will most likely be doomed. In the end, I encourage people to try it out for themselves and build their own representation of the game. Good luck and thank you for writing such a great article!


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