Quick Recommended Operators for First Contingency Contract


Before we get started on this, I would like to remind everyone that the named operators are based on the appearance rate and their performance in first Contingency Contract back in CN. While EN side may not have any rules altered to change the event lineup, it does not mean other operators may not excel in the given work and strategy many doctors out there have devised.

Note: Good CC operators like Blaze or Ceobe are not included because they are not supposed to be out yet.

Blue = Exceptional Performance


DP Cost Recovery Type

  • Siege – S2 – High damage and can act as a semi-Guard
  • Texas – S3 – Aoe stun to gain some breathing time
  • Zima – S2 – Vanguard buffer
  • Myrtle – S3 – Passive Vanguard healer. Skill heals one surrounding ally

Alternative Replacement: Scavenger, Courier

Kill and Retrieve Type

  • Grani – S2 – AoE damage for mass DP gain
  • Vigna – S2 – Strong single target


Single Block

  • Hellagur – S2/S3 – S2 for evasion (survival), S3 for AoE
  • Skadi – S2 – Good for parachuting kills
  • Astesia – S2 – Arts normal attack; during skill effect, strong self-buff and targets 2

Alternative Replacement: Indra, Franka, Flamebringer

Multiple Block

  • SilverAsh – S3 – Do I really need to explain this? e_e
  • Ch’en – S2 – Strong arts damage. Instant release if M3
  • Specter – S2 – Can’t be killed for 15 sec (M3). Time it well and she will never die
  • Lappland – S2 – Arts damage

Alternative Replacement: Frostleaf


Healing Type

  • Saria – S1/S2 – Single heal or AoE heal depend on needs
  • Nearl – S1 – Single heal

Alternative Replacement: Gummy

Tank Type

  • Hoshiguma – S2/S3 – Damage enemy while tanking
  • Cuora – S2 – Cheap but reliable tank

Alternative Replacement: Liskarm, Croissant, Bison, Matterhorn


Quick Deploy

Projekt Redd – S1/S2 – ATK buff or AoE stun. Choose one
Waai Fu – S1/S2 – Debuff enemy, or AoE silence.
Gravel – S2 – Temporary sacrificial tank


  • FEater – S1 – Strong knock back + evade chance to keep yourself save from red katana dudes. M3 highly recommended
  • Shaw – S1 – Strong knock back but without the evade passive. M3 if FEater is not around

Alternative Replacement: Cliffheart, Rope


Single Target

  • Schwarz – S3 – VERY strong burst
  • Exusiai – S2/S3 – Controllable burst, or uncontrollable even stronger burst
  • Blue Poison – S1/S2 – S1 if M3, S2 for ‘AoE’

Alternative Replacement: Platinum, Firewatch, May, Meteor


  • Meteorite – S1 – AoE damage

Alternative Replacement: Executor, Shirayuki


Single Target

  • Eyjafjalla – S2/S3 – Basically an AoE Caster

Alternative Replacement: Amiya, Haze


  • Ifrit – S2 – Debuff enemy while dealing high damage
  • Mostima – S2/S3 – Either stun or knock back. Choose one

Alternative Replacement: Skyfire, Gitano


Single Target

  • Shining – S2/S3 – Reduce physical damage received
  • Warfarin – S1/S2 – S1 for emergency rescue, S2 for ATK buff
  • Silence – S2 – Healing drones for any placement or burst heal

Alternative Replacement: Ceylon, Sussuroo, Myrrh, Gavial


  • Nightingale – S3 – Reduce arts damage received
  • Ptilopsis – S2 – Regen SP faster

Alternative Replacement: Breeze, Perfumer



  • Angelina – S1/S2/S3 – S1 for Caster Ban, S2 for burst damage, S3 for mini AoE aka Eyjafjalla’s replacement
  • Glaucus – S1/S2 – S1 for ‘AoE’, S2 for rooting enemies down or drone killer

Alternative Replacement: Istina


  • Megallan – S1/S2/S3 – Depends on given role. S1 for crowd control, S2 for arts damage, S3 for AoE physical damage

Alternative Replacement: Mayer


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