Operator Analysis: Projekt Red


General Information

Name: Projekt Red
Class: Specialist
Block: 1
Attack Interval: 0.93 Sec
Redeploy Time: 18 Sec → 16 Sec (Potential 4)

Max Trust: ATK +75
DP Cost: 7 (Initial) → 9 (E1) → 7 (E1 Potential 5)
Trait: Significantly reduced Redeployment Time.

Stat Comparison


E0 Max Level

Waai Fu9073051960

E1 Max Level

Waai Fu11344182550

E2 Max Level

Waai Fu14555363040

Comment: As a fast-redeploy unit, Projekt Red’s stat is generally lower than a normal operator. Within her archetype, Red has significantly higher ATK with her trust buff, making her an excellent assassin.




Without Potential
(E1) Deals at least 20% of ATK damage every attack.
(E2) Deals at least 30% of ATK damage every attack.

With Potential 5
(E1) Deals at least 23% of ATK damage every attack.
(E2) Deals at least 33% of ATK damage every attack.

Comment: A very helpful talent which allows her to still deal optimal damage when facing heavy-armored foes.


PotentialAccumulated Effect
2DP Cost -1
3ATK +20
4Redeployment Time -2 sec
5Talent Effect Up
6DP Cost -1

Comment: Her potential strengthen her role as a parachute-unit well by alleviating her DP Cost and further increasing her ATK. Still, maxing her potential is not a priority.

RIIC Skill

Skill NameUnlockTypeDescription
S.W.E.E.P.InitialControl CentreWhen this Operator is assigned to the Control Center, Morale consumed per hour of all Operators in the Control Center -0.05
TrackerE2Reception RoomWhen this Operator is assigned to the Reception Room, Clue search speed increases by 25%

Comment: Projekt Red is one of the few operators which has skill for Control Centre. At E2, her clue searching speed is also one of the highest.

Skill Analysis


Execution Mode

Passive charging; Passive trigger
Although skill description says “Physical Dodge”, she can actually dodge both physical and magical damage.

LevelEffectSP Cost / Initial SP / Duration
1ATK +35% after Projekt Red is deployed; Obtains 20% Physical Dodge0/0/10
4ATK +50% after Projekt Red is deployed; Obtains 30% Physical Dodge0/0/10
7ATK +65% after Projekt Red is deployed; Obtains 40% Physical Dodge0/0/10
M3ATK +80% after Projekt Red is deployed; Obtains 50% Physical Dodge0/0/10

Significant Changes: Level 4, 7, and M3
Mastery Suggestion: Yes, if you are not using her for S2
Comment: Her first skill which temporarily increases her ATK and dodge. Good for killing targeted enemies.


Passive charging; Passive trigger

Arknights operator Projekt Red analysis guide tutorial, Operator Analysis: Projekt Red
LevelEffectSP Cost / Initial SP
1Immediately deals 140% of ATK Physical damage to all nearby enemies after deployed and Stuns the hit targets for 1 seconds0/0
4Immediately deals 170% of ATK Physical damage to all nearby enemies after deployed and Stuns the hit targets for 1.5 seconds 0/0
7Immediately deals 200% of ATK Physical damage to all nearby enemies after deployed and Stuns the hit targets for 2 seconds 0/0
M3Immediately deals 250% of ATK Physical damage to all nearby enemies after deployed and Stuns the hit targets for seconds 0/0

Significant Changes: Level 4, 7 and M3
Mastery Suggestion: Yes, for longer stun
Comment: Allows Projekt Red to deal damage and stun enemies for crowd control. Good for stalling enemy rush for emergency healing and whatnot. The so-called “panic button”.

Usage Guide

Projekt Red generally has two usage, depending which skill she was equipped with. On S1, she can mainly replace units like Melantha in assassinating a number of targets. Her dodge (which also works on magic) also helps in her survival.

With her S2, she is used to stall enemy rush to prevent leak. Her AoE stun can also help out when tankers are in need of some time for healing.

In some other cases, Projekt Red can act as a dummy to temporary shift threat.


Projekt Red can be a good option if player lack a stronger parachute unit than Melantha. However, she is not suitable for long battles. While she can act as a dummy for threat shifting, Gravel may survive better in that situation. Either way, her AoE stun is almost irreplaceable and will make a great member to many team.


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