Main Anecdote Tale #5 – Angel’s Voice

Dragon Raja M Silver Main Anecdote Angel's Voice, Main Anecdote Tale #5 – Angel’s Voice

PREREQUISITE: You need to unlock Superstar Career

  1. Go to Tokyo (590, 379) and pick up a small notebook on the floor
  2. Talk to Misaki
  3. Click on the Interaction Icon to Apologize
  4. Talk to Misaki
  5. Wait for Misaki to finish dancing
  6. Talk to Misaki again
  7. Go to Star Studio (Career > Superstar > Artists > Click Go)
  8. Talk to Misaki
  9. Keep talking to Misaki until all dialogues are exhausted
  10. Go to Tokyo (585,428) talk to misaki during 01:00 – 02:00. She appeared for me at 02:00 (not 01:00)
  11. Now you have to do a few Superstar Career stuff:
    a. Do Artist > Seaweed Dance 1x
    b. Do Artist > Practice Improve Solo 1x
  12. Go to Tokyo (585,428) and talk to misaki again
  13. Do Superstar > Perform > Perform Lionheart Invitation
  14. Go to Tokyo (585,428) and talk to misaki again
  15. Go to Tokyo (567, 100)
  16. See a bunch of girls and Misaki dancing
  17. Talk to Misaki, get the anecdote done

Note: There are occasions where someone managed to skip all the first parts of the the steps by talking to the little girl in Tokyo (585,428) and getting chased by the police for stalking a little girl. Then immediately go to step 15. However you won’t be able to see the icon on your Main Tale screen, it is advised to do all the steps!



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