Main Anecdote Tale #4 – Warm Menus

Dragon Raja M silver Main Anecdote Tale Warm Menus, Main Anecdote Tale #4 – Warm Menus

Dragon Raja M Silver Anecdote Tale #4 Guide – Warm Menus

  1. Go to Chizuru (232,165) talk to Tramp next to the dumpster fire. “Sounds like a sad story”.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: NPC will only appear at certain hours randomly. There are sources that says they appear at 06:00 or 12:00 noon, or 17:00 or 19:00 or 22:00. Hope you get lucky. For me i found him at 19:00
  2. Interact on the stack of book just next to the NPC
  3. Go to Chizuru (108,218) and Talk to Jugger. “Okay” to get Special Seasoning
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is another NPC that appear at certain hours. I found him at 06:00
  4. Buy 1x Vegetable, 1x Tofu, 1x Honey from Ingredients merchant. (Nearest one is at 167,212 Chizuru)
  5. Go to Tokyo (326, 419) and talk to Koshi Uesugi.
  6. Wait for a minute or two until he finish cooking. Talk to Koshi Uesugi again to get Crazy Hot Pot
  7. Go to Chizuru (232,165) talk to Tramp
  8. Wait for him to finish eating. Complete!


  1. Is this anecdote limited to players with Cuisines as careers? I couldnt buy all the ingredients. Says i have to be cuisine career


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