Main Anecdote Tale #3 – Supernatural


Dragon Raja M Gold Anecdote Tale #3 Guide – Supernatural

Dragon Raja M Gold Main Anecdote Tale Supernatural, Main Anecdote Tale #3 – Supernatural
  1. Go to Takamagahara (115,55) and talk to Sneaky Man
  2. Go to Chizuru (158,197) and talk to Kuroko. Talk to Kuroko Again.
  3. Go to Takamagahara (86, 41) and talk to Waiter
  4. Pick “Let’s Give it a try”, “Blue mountain coffee”, “Latte”, “Interesting I’m going to Chizuru”
  5. Click on Waiter again and pick “Buy a drink” TWICE to get 2x Takamagahara Special Drink
  6. Go to Chizuru (235, 175) and talk with Rampager and pick “It’s yours then.” Talk to Rampager again
  7. Talk to rampager again, “Let him have it”. Talk to rampager again
  8. Go to Chizuru (158,197) and talk to Kuroko. Talk to Kuroko again
  9. Go to Chizuru (205,215) and talk to Mrs. Nagai
  10. Go to Chizuru (168,225) and find a literal dumpster fire behind the building. Interact with the object until you get 2x Box of Junk
  11. Open your inventory and use both Box of Junk to get Empty Vial
  12. Go to Chizuru (158,197) and talk to Kuroko.
  13. Go to Sumeru Throne (115,120) and talk to Haruki Yoshino “Please test the residue”. Talk to Haruki again
  14. Go to Chizuru (158,197) and talk to Kuroko.
  15. Go to Chizuru (233,213) and activate Spirit Eye. Interact with the glowing logo by the house gate.
  16. Talk to kuroko who will appear nearby shortly after
  17. Pick “Go There Now”
  18. Talk to Kuroko. Defeat the enemies
  19. Talk to Kuroko


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