XO Quiz Answer Cheat Sheet [Updated on 17/2/2020]

Mabinogi Fantasy Life Mobile XO Quiz Answer, XO Quiz Answer Cheat Sheet [Updated on 17/2/2020]

Mabinogi Fantasy Life Mobile XO Quiz Answer

Updated on 17/2/2020:
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NOTE: Please do note that there are some translation and localization issues both from the game and from the source, remember to use this list wisely by choosing the correct keywords!

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How to use

Each questions will appear with different keywords. Search for the question that corresponds to each line below and take note of the keywords. If a keyword in GREEN appears, it’s O. If any other keywords appear, it’s X

  1. Mexico is located in North America, Oceania, South America, Africa
  2. Countries Bordering East of China are North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Russia
  3. Philippines is in Asia, Oceania, South America, Africa
  4. Potato is a stem, root, fruit
  5. Kiwi is a kind of berry, melon, stone fruit
  6. If the human body becomes dehydrated 20%, 15%, 10% it will endanger life
  7. One Kilowatt can light a 50 watt light bulb for 20, 10, 25 hours
  8. Easiest way to extinguish an alcohol lamp/burner/spirit lamp is to use the cap, extinguish with sand, extinguish with water
  9. Features of the temperate desert environment include great temperature difference between day and night, lesser annual rainfall, Long roots and small leaves, Long leaves and short roots
  10. “WHO” stands for World Health Organization, World Green Peace Organization, World Trade Organization
  11. Cathaya, Ginkgo, Pine Needles enjoy the title “Panda of Plants”
  12. The “Five Hardwares” in life stands for Gold, Silver, Tin, Zinc
  13. AS is Macroeconomics refers to Aggregate Supply (Total Supply), Aggregate Demand (Total Demand), Total Expenditure
  14. The largest tributary of the Yellow River is Wei River, Fen River, Luo River
  15. The eight notes in music boxes are Eight Instruments, Eight Music, Eight Tones
  16. Alligator Tears is to clean the eyes, disguise yourself, express sadness
  17. The longest series movie in Guinness World Records is Huang Fei Hong Series (Once upon a time in china), Star Wars Series, Star Trek Series
  18. Polaris belongs to Dipper, Centaur, Orion
  19. XBOX ONE, Playstation 4 Pro, Switch NS is a Microsoft Product
  20. Four major inventions of the 20th century include Computer, Semiconductor, Atomic Energy, Laser, Supersonic Aircraft
  21. Earth day is April 22, December 20, April 20
  22. Mathematician who has made the greatest progress on Goldbach Conjecture is Chen Jingrun, Prague, Von Neumann
  23. The longest organ in human digestive tract is the small intestine, large intestine, rectum
  24. Sea with the most island in the world is The Aegean Sea, Sea of Marmara, Baltic Sea
  25. The smallest sea in the world is Marmara, Baltic, Aegean
  26. Sea with highest salinity (salt) is Red Sea, Baltic, Aegean
  27. Sea with lowest salinity (salt) is Baltic, Aegean, Red Sea
  28. Silicon Valley is located in California, Minnesota, Florida, USA
  29. Scorpion, Turtle, Snail is the slowest metabolic invertebrate creature in the world
  30. The domain suffix .uk refers to the United Kingdom, United States, China
  31. The world’s oldest diamonds are Keunor,Vulcan, Orloff
  32. The type of Redwood that is Mahogany, Rosewood, Ebony will sink underwater
  33. The flower that grows shorter than coriander is Wheat, Dandelion, Sesame
  34. Full name of U.S. Capital Washington is Washington District of Columbia, Washington Truman District, Washington Roosevelt District
  35. Jelly often contains artificial coloring, food flavoring, sweeteners, sour agents, vitamins
  36. Afghan Hounds is also known as Kabul, Bracco, Vizsla
  37. Just like Statue of Liberty, another well-known nickname of the USA is Uncle Sam, Uncle Tom, Old Sam
  38. The three sisters of barbie girls include 1964, 1992, 1995, 1990
  39. In the summer season, the humming sound of cicada is from male, female
  40. Camel has 3, 2, 4 stomach
  41. The biggest stone Buddha Statue in the word is in Pingshan,, Luoyang, Leshan
  42. Cats are strictly protected in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece
  43. Most African Countries determine their borders by Longitude or latitude, Geometry of line and curve, rivers mountains and other natural features
  44. Suez Canal belongs to Egypt, Israel, Panama
  45. The terminal station in Europe of Eurasian Continental bridge is in Rotterdam, Amsterdam
  46. The general international naval speed uses knot as unit. One knot is 1.852km/h, 3.112km/h, 2.152km/h
  47. The peninsula with the richest oil resources is Arabian Peninsula, Apennine Peninsula, Asia Minor Peninsula
  48. To achieve the best windbreak effect, windbreak forest should be composed of more than 10 rows of trees, 5-10 rows of trees
  49. Aurora is the special scenery you can see in high latitude, low latitude, high longitude
  50. The world’s largest and most widely used battery is Zinc-manganese battery, accumulator battery, lithium battery
  51. The main reason that boosts singapore’s economic development is Superior geographical location, natural resources, labour resources
  52. The largest source of terrestrial water is Glacial water, underground water, River
  53. The first mahjong museum is located in Japan, China, Arabia
  54. When cooking poached eggs in a microwave oven, use a toothpick to puncture the egg whites and egg yolks mainly for prevent it from bursting, for even heating, to cook faster
  55. When a person is drinking water while doing a handstand, water will be the same as drinking while standing, water will come out from the nose, unable to drink
  56. 135 in 135 cameras refers to film number, camera model, film model
  57. People in Black, White clothes are more likely to get bitten by mosquitos
  58. Bok Choy, Chinese Cabbage, Celery, Lettuce originates from China
  59. In the Stock Exchange, Closing Price, Opening Price, Publishing Price is the most basic data to analyse the stock market
  60. There are 31 days in August because of Roman Emperor, Rise and fall of the sun, rotation of the earth
  61. According to customs, wearing ring in the middle finger indicates that you are in love, in the pinky means you’re single, in the middle finger indicates that you are looking for partner
  62. Frosbite is caused by damage in Capillaries, Hair follicle, Hair glands
  63. The longest flying distance in the world is Arctic Tern, Indian Swan, Baltic seagull, Andean Vulture
  64. One tubular sunflower can yield One, hundreds and thousands sunflower seed
  65. The scientist known as “The father of Physics” in the west is Archimedes, O’Keely, Newton
  66. Einsten, Bacon, Newton is Jewish
  67. In “Turandot”, Chinese Folk song Jasmine, Liang Zhu, Honghe Valley is used.
  68. The first use of Poison Gas Bombs is used in the battle of Verdun, Somme, Marne
  69. Lexington, Washington, Chicago
  70. David Copperfield, The Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, The Tragic World is Dickens’ Masterpiece
  71. In the novel “Red and Black” by French Writer Stendhal, Red refers to the color of the uniform, color of the revolutionary banner, righteousness
  72. In the novel “Red and Black” by French Writer Stendhal, Black refers to the color of priest uniform, evilness, the color of the revolutionary army
  73. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Ball of Fat is the masterpiece of american writer Mark Twain
  74. Lenin referred “A mirror of the Russian Revolution” as Tolstoy , Gorky, Sholokhov
  75. Chekhov, Gorky, Mopassan is the only Russian writer to reach the peak of the world’s literary world with short story writing
  76. Gorky’s Autobiographical trilogy is [Childhood, On Earth, Mother], [Childhood, On Earth, My University], [Childhood, Mother, My University]
  77. “The last poet of the middle ages” is what Engels called Dante, Keats, Boccaccio
  78. Ugly Duckling, Emperor’s New Dress, Little Match Girl, Snow White, is one of Andersen’s Fairy Tales
  79. The original instigator of “invisible hand” in economics was Adam Smith, Marx, David Ricardo
  80. The largest stone construction project in the world is The Great Wall of China, Pyramid of Egypt, Colosseum of Ancient Rome
  81. The Earliest record of Halley’s Comet was left by the Chinese, American, Russian
  82. “Barge Haulers on the Volga” has a once shocked the world of arts, the creator of this painting is Repin, Vrubel, Glasimov
  83. In 1974, Napoleon was held as a prisoner by the Thermidorians for 14 12 15 days
  84. The first nation in Europe to use a printing press is Icelanders, Irish, Danes
  85. Internet is available in China in the year 1994, 1993, 1992
  86. “Law” first appear in Slavery, Capitalist, Feudal Society
  87. Euros are born in January 1st 1999, December 1st 1999, July 1st 1999
  88. The poker cards are made based on ancient calendar. The Joker refers to Sun/Moon, King/Queen, Day/Night
  89. Beijing Olympic 2008 is the 29th, 30th, 25th Olympic
  90. A complete marathon is about 40, 20, 30, kilometers
  91. One round in professional boxing is 3, 1, 6 minutes
  92. On the centennial birthday of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1984, Lausanne, Geneva, Athens, was nominated as the capital of IOC
  93. Famous tennis player Graf is the only tennis player who took four grand slam championship 4, 2, 3 times
  94. The level of weight lifting match is based on the weights of the athelete, barbell, age of the athelete
  95. The size of the regular go chessboard used in competitions is 19×19, 21×21, 15×15
  96. in 20km power walking competition, food supply station is set out every 5, 3, 10 km
  97. The country that hosted the most summer olympics is The United States, UK, Greece
  98. WNBA is Women’s National Basketball Association , Men’s National Basketball Association , College Basketball Association
  99. Men’s gymnastics does not include Uneven Bar, Horizontal Bars, Rings
  100. the standard circumference of a football is 50-60cm, 60-70cm, 70-80cm
  101. The number of “World Player of Soccer” Pele’s shirt 10, 23, 12
  102. The number of remaining female/girl players in the current arena is odd (Good luck with this)
  103. The number of remaining players wearing accessories is odd (Good luck with this)
  104. The number of remaining players that is a warrior/archer/mage/bard/alchemist in the current arena is odd (lol)
  105. There are a total of 67, 63, 58 streetlights in Emain Macha
  106. Emain Macha’s bar has 1 Piano, 2 workers, 4 tables
  107. Mushrooms in Mabinogi only grows at night, grows at any time of the day
  108. When the monster grows larger and when its body turns red, then it will become harder to defeat, immune to all status, attributes will increase
  109. The Quantity of goods, Distance between the 2 trading location, credit rating of this merchandise in Private Trade will affect the selling price of the merchandise
  110. The Credit Rating, Trade Skill level, Types of vehicle used, will affect the buying price of the merchandise
  111. There are a total of 6, 8, 4 types of alchemy skills
  112. Wedding cars of the parade are “Romantic Cart“, Sweet Tulip, White Horse
  113. After the wedding, During the wedding can change gender
  114. After wedding, you can gain bonus exp when teamed together, hold hands together, exclusive fashion costume, Riding horse to the main city
  115. When holding a wedding ceremony, both party MUST have wedding ring, have wedding dress, wear wedding dress
  116. In duo performance, when level difference is 350, 100, 200 lower level player will receive bonus exp reward.
  117. Title “Escaped from hell” is acquired by Be revived by someone else for 20 times
  118. Title “Given up on doctor” is acquired by solo challenges the Dungeon for 30 times
  119. Taillteann’s Darren and Collen are Husband & Wife
  120. Leymore’s teacher is Kay
  121. The animated movie that won Miyazaki Hayao an Oscar Prize is My Neighbor totoro
  122. In “Tom & Jerry”, the leader of the “Three Alley Cats” is Topsy
  123. In Japanese anime, the race with the least population is Elf
  124. In “Inu x Boku SS”, Soushi is Ghost, Snake
  125. The flavors that Mizuho Miyagi and Sakata Gintoki prefer are “Bitter
  126. In oreimo. The hairstyle of ruri goko’s sister tamaki goko is ‘even bangs
  127. In “Kill la kill”, the clothes of the female protagonist is blood, Purity
  128. Fleta’s pet dog is bambi
  129. The protagonist of “shonen onmyoji” is Abe no Seimei himself
  130. Yuta Togashi from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” claims to be the controller of “Tyrant’s Eyes”
  131. Honoka Kosaka can control weather, the rain will stop as he commands Honoka Kosaka
  132. In “Future Diary”, Yuno killed her Countless “Self”
  133. The work as “This is life” is angel beats
  134. In “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, before the male protagonst travelled back to the future, he told the female protagonist that I love you
  135. Afterlife is a signed comic of U17.com
  136. Rachel Moore from “Case Closed” is an expert in Judo
  137. Rachel Moore from “Case Closed” is an expert in taekwondo
  138. sakura chiyoo 4x weakness X Fire O
  139. Polaris. Ursa minor .
  140. James. Investigator. Court.
  141. Taek. Rach.
  142. G9.light.
  143. Miyazaki. Oscar . Spirit away .
  144. Granat . Tailltean .
  145. Patamon . Angemon .
  146. Akb48.nagisa.maeda.
  147. Soka.699999.
  148. Red data girl. Soda. Hair left.
  149. Cinderella. Hino. Curry.
  150. Galric. Rina. Sakura trick.
  151. Glacier. Land.
  152. Old.15.odd.
  153. Fortress. Former . assign. Lower.
  154. Emainmacha. 167 lamp.
  155. Esras is incubus
  156. Fleta pet dog rab .
  157. Rie . Joey wong .
  158. Fairy tail. Hiro mashima.
  159. “No problem, everything fine ” . Metraton.
  160. Kiss . Petal .ova . Lesbian .
  161. Brenda . Taillteann .
  162. Strange come in . Spirit away .
  163. WeiZuang.Qin.
  164. “this is life” . Clannad.
  165. Porco rosso. Hayao miyazaki .
  166. Tragedy . Leyd
  167. Sak . King .
  168. the capital of eric is tara.
  169. school days didnt ly anyway
  170. ultraman 6 is ultraman leo
  171. In “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, before the male protagonist travelled back to the future, he told the female protagonist that I like you
  172. Rachel Moore from “Case Closed” is an expert in karate , taekwondo
  173. Jerry.butch.
  174. golgi my chilhood
  175. my universities
  176. Something Strange comes in from Spirited Away
  177. Doraemon original color is yellow
  178. The tallest is levy ackerman
  179. Ai Haibara from ” Case Closed” from Osaka

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  1. In “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, before the male protagonst travelled back to the future, he told the female protagonist that I like you X