Farming Easter DIY and Eggs more Efficiently


With the current Easter event running in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, many players expressed their trouble in searching for the seasonal DIY and Eggs. Truth is, it is not as hard as it seems. So let me show you some tricks in doing it more efficiently.

Trick in obtaining DIYs

Perhaps one of the easiest/slacking way of farming DIY is to stay idle at the plaza. Event balloons, notably by their colorful striped balloons, will fly by frequently, and all you need is to shoot them down accurately. Balloons have a unique windy sound effect when they are near, so all you have to do is to listen rather than frantically looking up.

Through personal experience, it took me a mere 2-3 hours to receive all DIY recipes (17 of them). To make the wait more enjoyable, you can always watch videos while doing so.

The very same method works well in farming Sky Eggs too, I managed to get about 40 Sky Eggs within the duration I learnt all recipes.

Special DIYs not obtainable normally

Bunny Day arch – Only receivable from Zipper on April 12 after providing him with one of each eggs.
Wobbling Zipper toy – DIY given by Zipper after crafting all furniture-based Easter DIY.
Bunny Day wand – Final DIY given by Zipper after crafting Wobbling Zipper toy.
Each Egg Costumes (shell, costume & shoe) – Self-learnt after collecting X numbers of each egg.
Special Costume (hat & dress) – Self-learnt after learning all egg costumes.
Bunny Day crown – Given by villager
Bunny Day bag – Given by villager

Trick in obtaining Eggs

Egg Types

Earth egg – From digging ground
Stone egg – From hitting stone
Leaf egg – Spawned on normal tree (not fruit tree or cedar tree).
Wood egg – From hitting any tree with axe (flimsy axe works fine).
Sky egg – From event balloons
Water egg – From fishing

How to Get Them Fast

Time Travelling

While deterred by purist who prefer to play the game normally, time travelling is unfortunately the best method in farming eggs. Simply move your day forward and you’ll notice eggs are fully respawned for Earth, Stone, Leaf and Wood. Still, players are unable to skim out the hard work required for Sky and Water.. Not really actually. Read on if you wanted to find out why.

And certainly no, time travelling will not ruin your event/save files or whatever, so long you do it right.

Mystery Island Tours

Alright, this is perhaps the second best way of farming, in assumption you have a lot of Nook Miles Ticket to spare. Each tour will get you 2 Earth Eggs, 3 Leaf Eggs, and many many Stone & Wood Eggs.

For Water Eggs, fish shadows are always more abundant in Mystery islands, so do take your time fishing here.

Playing Game as Normal

Not exactly a trick but I have to remind all players that the Earth, Stone, Leaf and Wood Eggs do respawn the next day. So if you are not in rush, you can just chill out and play the game normally while focusing on fishing and popping balloons.

Always be wary that the event last 12 days (April 1st to April 12th), so you have a lot of time.

Exchanging Egg Types with Zipper

A little bit of spoiler here but Zipper does offer to exchange your Eggs into another type on April 12. It only happens on that day itself, so mark your dates.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a fair trade. You only get to exchange for 1 egg by giving him 3 eggs of another types. Anyhow, it is not a bad idea for players who do have trouble finding a certain type of eggs.

Happy Easter and I hope this helps!


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