Dragon Raja M – Anecdote Guides [Last updated 22/6/2020]


Welcome to Dragon Raja M Anecdote guides. Currently is in WIP, more anecdotes will be added!

Changelog 30/5/2020:
1. Added WIP Mysterious Book/Razor Blade Anecdote
2. Bronze Anecdote – Waste Separation
3. Added Voice Bond and Angel’s Voice main anecdote
4. Added Mystery Thief
5. Added Risk in Mirror

Changelog 1/6/2020:
1. Added prerequisite for eternal ally
2. Fixed error in Campus Bench
3. Added Afternoon Tea

Changelog 2/6/2020:
1. Fixed some bronze/silver tale mistakes
2. Added 1 additional spot for Dark alley and Dark Alley requirements

Changelog 3/6/2020
1. Added Cleaning Job / Extermination / Evil Nemesis / Fatality / Good Neighbor (WIP)
2. Added more quests for harbor guardian

Changelog 7/6/2020
1. Added more information on silver anecdote – Walking Machine
2. Added Star Pitcher

Changelog 22/6/2020
1. Fixed Waiter Adams anecdote

Bronze Anecdote

No More Yesterday

Weather : Random
Time : Random (Check this location every hour)
Location: Tokyo (514,90)

  1. Talk to homeless man sitting on the bench in front of the rock.
  2. Buy Tonkotsu Ramen from Specialty Merchant (500,455)
  3. Go back to the homeless man


  1. Go to Tokyo and just stand on the road causing a jam
  2. Wait for police to catch you
  3. You might meet Kind Stranger instead, which gives you another type of anecdote “Jam Maker”

Mystery Drink

  1. Go to any of the vending machine and purchase “Whatever”
  2. Keep purchasing until you get a dialogue with Finger
  3. Choose “Drink yourself”

Broken Machine

  1. Find a roaming vending machine in Cassell College:
    a. Usually roams around basketball court
    b. Usually roams around Plaza above claw machines
  2. Buy a drink from the machine
  3. Machine will inevitably break down, pick any options to repair


  1. Go to Principal’s Office
  2. Sit on Principal’s Chair and Enter Command
  3. Enter “no glues”

Leader’s Query

  1. Go to Principal’s Office
  2. Sit on Principal’s Chair and Look Around
  3. Repeat Look Around until you receive the anecdote

Money Maker

  1. Go to Principal’s Office
  2. Sit on Principal’s Chair and Enter Command
  3. Enter “show me the money”

NOTE: If this doesn’t work you need to go around Cassell College and pick up trashes on the floor. One of the note will tell you something about a post-it notes saying show me the money.

Blossom Rain

  1. Go to Principal’s Office
  2. Talk to Anjou
  3. Sit on Principal’s Chair and Enter Command
  4. Enter “Show me the flower”

The “Chosen”

  1. Go to Cassell College during a Thunderstorm
  2. Go to 250, 243
  3. Wait until you get hit by lightning

Thither Line

  1. A young girl will randomly call you on your phone (just do your stuff it will happen eventually)
  2. Choose “Really? you are not hired to fool me”

The Diary

  1. Go to Tsukuyomi Prison (58, 60) and interact with the rubber ducky
  2. Go to Tsukuyomi Prison (82,60) and interact with a book under the table. Click on the rubber duck lock on the side
  3. Enter the code 2 1 4
  4. Go to the last page 10/10 and then close the diary. you should be transported to Unknown Mirage map. if not, unlock the diary and try again
  5. Sit on the piano until a portal starts to open up
  6. Go near the portal and choose to “Return to Tsukuyomi Prison”


  1. Go to Siberia Harbor and enter your cottage (306, 342)
  2. Sleep on the bed and wait for the whole 2 minutes until the interaction ends. A dialogue with Z will pop up
    after the animation ends.

If it doesnt happen, repeat the sleep. If it doesnt happen after 3 times, there will be a text saying “You’ve got other things to do, do not sleep more” just wait tomorrow to try again

The Grafitti

  1. Go to Tokyo (436, 172) and activate Spirit Eye
  2. Click on the grafitti on the wall
  3. Talk to Mori Ayase just beside you
  4. Buy Anything
  5. Go to Tokyo (366,315) and activate spirit eye
  6. Click on the grafitti on the wall
  7. Talk to Futaba next to you

NOTE: Either one of these grafitti will give u the same achievement

Scattered File

  1. Pick up trash in Cassell College until you find Top Secret Document
  2. Use the item
  3. “Read the document”

Lost Report

  1. Go to Icy Lair (90,127) and interact with the machine
  2. Look Around
  3. Auto run to next destination by clicking on quest tracker

Stranger Mark

  1. Go to Principal’s Office
  2. Spin the globe until the dialog “What’s This? There is a strange mark in Greenland!” appear
  3. Talk to Anjou
  4. Follow the quest tracker all the way, clicking it will auto route you to the destination

Rhythm Master

  1. Go to your cottage in Siberia Harbor (310,348)
  2. Pick up guitar and play for the whole duration
  3. Repeat the interaction if no dialog occurs

Universal Quiz

  1. Go to Library and interact with the telescope (39,52)
  2. Keep using it until a dialog occurs about a broken telescope and pick “report to manager”
  3. Sometimes you get another dialogue where you have to answer something about the universe, pick “It’s made out of matter, energy and light”
  4. If you receive a notice saying “It’s fun to climb up the telescope but nothing is gonna happen anymore today” try again the next day
  5. After reporting to manager, wait until tomorrow (real life time) you will receive a dialog and a quest, just follow the quest tracker to complete.

Dark Alley

You possibly need to trigger this event during night time 8PM (unconfirmed)
You need to have completed lv 69 Main Quest

  1. You need to have at least 20 Justice (Check by going to profile > feature)
  2. Go to Tokyo (455,437) Talk to Sales Assistant
  3. Pick “I won’t allow you to bully the weak ones”
  4. Talk to Sales Assistant
  1. Go to Tokyo (517,441) talk to Igarashi
  2. Pick “I won’t allow you to bully the weak ones”
  3. Talk to Igarashi
  1. Go to Tokyo (281,451)
  2. Talk to Ellie
  3. Pick any choices

Any of these quests will increase Justice and unlock anecdote

College Voice

  1. Go to Cassell College (276,460) talk to Tia
  2. Pay to listen to all 3 of her songs


  1. Buy Pure water from vending machine
  2. Go to Tokyo (522,436) and interact with the trash can until a hungry dog appear
  3. Give water

Love you 3000

You have to be at least lv 70
Server level need to be at least 75

  1. Go to Siberia Harbor (307,341) and interact with your side table
  2. You should see a note “I love you three thousand”
  3. Go to Siberia Harbor (367,337) and talk to morgan

Eternal Ally

PREREQUISITE: You need to have done lv 67 main quest (where you bring erii and luminous to a love hotel)
Buy Ice Cola/Oolong from vending machine

  1. Go to Hot Spring Resort and interact with a book on the floor
  2. Keep interacting it until it triggers a dialog
  3. “No”
  4. “Send my blessing”
  5. Go to Chizuru (175,210)
  6. Give ice cola/oolong

Campus Bench

  1. Go to Cassell College (302, 288) between 24:00 to 01:00
  2. Sit on the bench
  3. Wait for someone to talk to you, pick “There’s plenty of vacant seats. Why here?”

After sitting for 10 second if theres no one, just stand up and sit again

Waiter Adams

To complete this anecdote you need to have Vibrant personality (credits to Skmt23)

  1. Go to Principal’s Office (82, 60)
  2. Talk to EVA
  3. She should have an exclamation mark above her head
  4. Talk to EVA again
  5. “Okay, Let me try it”
  6. Interact with the drink (82,63)
  7. Talk to Adams
    8 “Give 500”
  8. Talk to EVA

Harbor Guardian

You have to complete multiple menial tasks from Antonia to get this anecdote

a. Sled Dog

  1. Wait for Blizzard in Siberia Harbor
  2. Talk to Antonia (329, 348)
  3. She will ask you to do random jobs each day, keep doing this everyday until she asks you to do “Sled Dog is Missing”
  4. “Have everyone look around and search”
  5. Go to Siberia Harbor (341, 266) during blizzard
  6. Interact with the dog

b. Tidy up the bed

  1. Talk to Antonia (329, 348)
  2. She will ask you to tidy up the bed in the cottage
  3. do it man.

c. What do you think of nark?

  1. Talk to Antonia (329, 348)
  2. She will ask you to tidy up the bed in the cottage
  3. “I..I’m not sure”

d. Move the sundries inside

  1. Talk to Antonia (329, 348)
  2. She will ask you to move a box of sundries inside
  3. Interact with the box behind her.
  4. while carrying the box, go to your cottage

e. Clean up the yards

  1. Talk to Antonia (329, 348)
  2. She will ask you to clean up the yard
  3. do it man.

The Educated Party-goer

  1. Go to Cassell College (150,207) and talk to Bond Manager
  2. Join the Party (There has to be a bond party going on)
  3. Read the books near entrance (139,111)
  4. Read the books (124, 107)
  5. Read the books (120, 107)

Sanitation Mode

  1. Pick up trash on the floor 3x a day
  2. Interact with the trash can in cassell college 3x in a day
  3. Keep doing this until you get a dialog with Serika
  4. Accept interview and meet her (200, 295)
  5. Pick another trash on the floor

Resonant Cypher

  1. Pick up trash on the floor 3x a day
  2. If you’re lucky you get note fragment
  3. Collect three note fragment and combine. If you’re lucky you’ll get “someone’s note”. if you get some other thing, repeat step 1
  4. Use the combined notes and “read carefully”

Lonely Monster

  1. Claw machine
  2. Aim for Erii figurine

Final Blessing

  1. Claw Machine
  2. Aim for Chisei Gen figurine


  1. Claw Machine
  2. Aim for Chime gen

No 7 Pitcher

  1. Go to Basketball court in cassell college
  2. Talk to Tatsuhiko Kimura
  3. You can only do this once a day
  4. Score 7 points in basketball and miss the last 3
  5. If you don’t get the anecdote, repeat the next day

Jam Maker

  1. Stand on the road in tokyo
  2. Cause a jam
  3. Wait for a kind stranger to talk to you
  4. Pick “What?”

Era of Idols

  1. Go to tokyo at 20:00 and make phone calls on phone booth
  2. Repeat until a dialog with mysterious man
  3. Pay 5,000
  4. Pay 3,000
  5. Talk to Mysterious Manager
  6. “Reject”
  7. Defeat enemies
  8. “Call the police”
  9. “Osawa Agency Wire Fraud”

Waste Separation

  1. Collect Trash from Cassell College until you get the item Strange Junk
  2. Use the item from your inventory and report to Gregory in 243,416
  3. Answer the following questions

Q: What kind of garbage is the glowing bubble milk tea?
A: Pearls are wet, cups are dry

Q: What kind of garbage is the Johnson Colored contacts Johann Chu uses to cover his golden eyes?
A: Dry trash – trash that has dried

Q: What kind of garbage is Xiaoyan Su’s expired cosmetics?
A: Harmful trash

Q: What garbage are the artificial flowers Ruri Kazame uses on his kimono?
A: Recyclable trash

Q: What kind of garbage is the chicken bones Finger left over?
A: Wet trash

Q: What kind of garbage is the cigar smoked by Principal Anjou?
A: Dry trash

Q: What in the options below doesn’t belong to other garbage?
A: Finger’s old snotty tissues.

Afternoon Tea

  1. Go to Cassell College (210,418)
  2. Sit on the table between 20:00 to 22:00 on a SUNNY day
  3. Wait for the waiter to serve you food
  4. Waiter will only serve you 1 food a day (real life time)
  5. Do this everyday until waiter served you 4 different kind of food (Lobster Dinner, Chicken Dinner, Duck Dinner, Dessert)

Cleaning Job / Extermination / Evil Nemesis / Fatality / Good Neighbor (WIP)

These are a set of anecdotes that can be obtained by waiting for a random notification about BREAKING NEWS in tokyo to pop up from time to time. There are 5 dfifferent types of news that may pop up and the location for them are randomly spread across several coordinates. You can only unlock Good Neighbor after completing the other 4 anecdotes!

Dragon Raja M Bronze Silver Gold Anecdote guide tutorials, Dragon Raja M – Anecdote Guides [Last updated 22/6/2020]
  1. When a notification about a monster pops up randomly
  2. Go to Tokyo (485, 82) ASAP.
  3. Talk to NPC, defeat enemies, get anecdote

If you can’t find the npc, try these coordinates

These coordinates applies for all 4 Tokyo News anecdote

Silver Anecdote

Mystery Thief

  1. Sit in Principal’s Office and choose “look around” until you get a dialogue with a thief. You can only look around 3x in a day, if it doesn’t appear wait until tomorrow. Then Principals Office (38,68) at night starting from 8 or 10pm and activate Spirit Eye
  2. EVA dialogue will appear
  3. Go to Cassell College (150,120) and activate Spirit Eye
  4. Talk to KID
  5. “I Finally Found It”
  6. Go to Cassell College (278, 460) and activate Spirit Eye
  7. Talk to KID
  8. “Stay Still”
  9. Go to Cassell College (123, 403) high above the building and activate spirit eye
  10. Talk to KID (who was pretending to be sassa)
  11. Activate spirit eye and check if you can talk to KID again. if hes gone, move on.
  12. Go to Chizuru (173, 211) and activate Spirit Eye
  13. Talk to KID
  14. Go to Principal’s Office and talk to Anjou
  15. “Stealing is Illegal”
  16. Talk to Anjou

Umbrella Girl

Weather – Thunderstorm
Time : Any
Location: Chizuru (162, 220)

  1. Talk to Linne.
  2. Pick “Chat for a while”
  3. “Chat for a while” again
  4. “Chat for a while” again
  5. Wait for Thunderstorm to be over
  6. Go to Linne at Chizuru (105, 218)

Old man and Sea

  1. Go to Siberia Harbor (236,123) Interact with the door
  2. “Knock”
  3. Go to Siberia Harbor (417, 202) Talk to Old man “why dont you just swim over?”
  4. Talk to old man again
  5. Go back to your cottage in Siberia Harbor (311,342) Interact with the study table
  6. Go to Siberia Harbor (334, 357) and interact with the toolbox
    7.Go to (268, 270) and interact with felled tree
  7. Search around the area for fallen trees and collect 3 more wood
  8. Go to Siberia Harbor (417, 202) and click on interaction button
  9. Talk to old man
  10. Talk to old man again
  11. Wait for a few days (real time)
  12. Go back to the light house and interact with the door again
  13. Talk to Vich near the light house
  14. Talk to Old Manager

Tokyo Guidance

  1. Go to Principal’s Office (42,49) and interact with the box to get Secret Letter
  2. Use the Letter from your inventory
  3. Click on the quest tracker to auto route to Adams in Tokyo.
  4. Everytime you find an Adam you will get 1x Tokyo Archives
  5. Collect 10. Adams changes spot every 15mins and you have to find them scattered over 32 different spot in tokyo.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1dda1V5r68 Check out this video to find out all the 32 spots. Credit to HDRsaputra
  7. Go back and talk to EVA in Principal’s Office. Congrats you have completed a very tedious anecdote

Risk in Mirror

  1. This is highly random. Go to Library (39,69) and stand in front of the mirror and activate SPIRIT EYE. Pray that something happens and get you transported to a dungeon. If nothing happens after a minute, just come back another time, or another day, or another weather.
  2. If you do get transported to another map, you will have to find either:
    a. EVA
    b. Finger
    c. Adams
    d. Finger with a young girl beside him
  3. Each attempt will get you 1 NPC, you have to do all 4 NPC to get the anecdote. The only way is to keep coming back to the mirror and hoping you get all the NPCs.

    NOTE: You may get repeated NPC, in that case you are just unlucky. I suggest you check the mirror every hour

Midnight Voice

  1. Go to Elevator Shaft at midnight (You can reach here by going to Tamer > Go, then exit thru the door).
  2. Go back into the elevator and go upstairs. Repeat until you enter “Secret room”
  3. Use Spirit Eye
  4. Click on the TV
  5. “No Sadako on TV, I guess”
  6. Repeat the steps to get back into secret room again
  7. Activate secret eye, click on the shoes in 215,252
    8.”Wear the shoes on the left”
  8. Then just walk around in the room with the shoes for awhile while keeping your spirit eye up, eventually an NPC will appear

Basketball Team

  1. Go to Basketball court in cassell college
  2. Talk to Tatsuhiko Kimura
  3. You can only do this once a day
  4. Score 10 points

Walking Machine

it is possible rather than getting the rare drinks, it’s more about how many times you used the vending machine in total (unconfirmed)

  1. Interact with moving vending machine in cassell college
  2. Buy until you receive Lover’s Tears (You only have 3 attempts to buy each day, if you didnt get it wait until tomorrow)
  3. Go to Hydras (289,236) talk to Seto
  4. Sell the drink for 25,000 gold
  5. If you dont get the anecdote, repeat step 2

This can also be triggered another way

  1. Interact with moving vending machine in cassell college
  2. Get Vitamin C Drink (orange rarity)

Star Pitcher

  1. Go to Basketball court in cassell college
  2. Talk to Tatsuhiko Kimura
  3. You can only do this once a day
  4. Score 10 baskets, 3 days in a row

Main Anecdote

Main Gold Anecdote Tale #1 – Under The Dome

Main Gold Anecdote Tale #2 – Music Box Tale

Main Gold Anecdote Tale #3 – Supernatural

Main Silver Anecdote Tale #4 – Warm Menus

Main Silver Anecdote Tale #5 – Angel’s Voice

Main Gold Anecdote Tale #6 – Voice Bond

Unfinished Anecdote

Mysterious Book

IMPORTANT NOTE: This anecdote can only be completed during the WEEKENDS (Sat/Sun)
You can collect only 50-60 razor blade in a week (unconfirmed)
You need to send 99 razor blades in a specific order (unconfirmed)

  1. Go to Tokyo (620, 547) Interact with the book
  2. Repeat the interaction until you get Razor Blade Set
  3. Open the razer blade to get a random number of razor blade. REPEAT THIS INTERACTION TO GET MULTIPLE BOX (2-3) once you’ve got multiple, just move on
    NOTE: Some location may not drop razor blade set. If no razor set is dropped after 10-12 repeats, just move on
  4. 2nd location is at Tokyo (69,65).
  5. 3rd location is at Cassel College (146, 408)
  6. 4th Location is at Tokyo (584, 353) on the bench in the bus stop
  7. 5th location is at Tsukuyomi Prison (75,80) on top of a rock
  8. 6th location is at cassel college (108, 443) way high above on top of the tall building
  9. After getting 99 blades, go into your inventory and use your Razor Blade
  10. Talk to Blade Warrior
  11. Follow the quest tracker to the Post Box
  12. Send 12/99 razor blades to ???


Weather: Blizzard
Time: Any
Location : Chizuru (158, 159)


  1. Thank you for the guides! I have a question about the Walking Machine anecdote… I got the Vitamin C Tea. Do i sell the to Seto at Hydra? Or do i use it? I tried talking to Seto but nothing happens.

      • I already have “Broken Machine” anectode. Next day, when I try to do “Walking Machine” anectode, I use the machine once and got Lover’s Tear and sell it to Seto, but nothing happened.

        Then, I went back to walking machine try to buy for second time, but suddenly the machine broke, the dialog came out. So I report to Eva. You know what? the “Walking Machine” anectode unlocked!

        • Update: i already got the “Walking Machine” just by buying only from the machine… No broken machine thingy happened.

      • I already have Broken Machine before I get Walking Machine. I think you need to complete every scenario (Sell the Lover’s tear, fix the machine, report to Eva, Sent letter to the club butler) instead of finishing a specific scenario. PS. sorry if my English is bad, It isn’t my first language.

    • After you report to Eva of broken machine, you can go Principal’s Office and meet Eva. There will be “question mark” on her. Talk to her and dialog will come out. Choose the other option and you will get your money back. It also will increase your “Justice” and “Vibrant” traits.

      • I got the “Walking Machine” after getting the “Broken Machine”, give Lover Tears to Seto, got Vitamin C drink, and report to EVA after ‘vending machine eat my money’

  2. Hello there…I’m stuck in Gold Tale “Blossom”
    Like a “Night of Aero Fish” but the Clues are not Complete enough to confirm,and nobody is posting about it…,if anyone already done that pls. replay pls 😊

    • Some of these tales are depending on server level, may have to check if your server has reached its specific level. Some of the anecdotes like aero fish are not out yet in SEA server

  3. For the Mysterious books, I got maximum about 4 razor boxes for 1 book. And your anecdote guide help me pretty much, Thank for your hard work 😊 .

    • you can get more boxes in a week, keep trying!. but more or less you get about 50 blades. according to the description im thinking maybe theres a chance to drop a golden blade for the anecdote

  4. Can you help me? What is the anecdote title with the description, “You don’t dread the evils of the big city, do you?” Thank you!

  5. About razor anecdote, someone in comment section of this video(https://youtu.be/tO4IXSEoCGQ) wrote that you need to sent 12 razors to the producer until he give you a letter(item not mail) then you need to talk with Dragon raja System Architect at Cassell College (204,394) and he will give you an anecdote called Blade Warrior. Please confirm it if you can.
    PS. sorry if my English is bad, It isn’t my first language.

  6. Kindly update the “Waiter Adams”, it requires “Vibrant” feature in order to unlock the second choise to proceed with the anecdote… And sadly i don’t have “Vibrant” becuase my “Anti-social” is super high. Sad.

  7. Hello… I can’t seem to locate Tokyo 69,65 for the razor anecdote. Do you have like a photo of the location at least? Been trying to locate it many times ;w;

  8. Mine was stuck at midnight voice, the npc that should show up after using shoes doesn’t show up, i’ve been trying different hours, different condition, waiting at least one hour with vision activated, there is no npc showed up, sad

  9. For the razor tale, you can collect up to 40 every week I believe, and you need to send 99 to the first option which is the producer I think. After which you have to meet an NPC in Cassell when it’s sunny (near the wb NPC).

    Did this a while ago, so not completely sure.


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