Completing Dailies without Sanity Consumption (+ Bonus Tips)


As player progress through Arknights, the importance of Sanity (stamina) will become even more prominent for material farming or during events. While player can remain casual and play as normal, it is possible to not use any Sanity when clearing daily/weekly quests. By doing so, player can free up a good portion of Sanity to be better spend elsewhere instead.

Completing any Main Storyline

Head to TR-1 for this. The quickest method to finish it is to deploy your Vanguard (Yato) right in front of the enemy’s entrance. Do not worry, it is almost impossible for her to die here.

Speed up into 2x to make it even faster. You will have to do this about 10x for weekly completion.

arknights dailies without sanity consumption, Completing Dailies without Sanity Consumption (+ Bonus Tips)
Deploying Yato right at the enemy’s entrance for fast clearing.

Defeating Enemy Leader in Main Storyline

Player will want to look at 1-11 to kill W. The battle is overall straightforward. For players having trouble, the video below should provide some basic guidance.

PS: 3 star completion is not necessary for the quest.

Video guide in clearing 1-11.

Defeating X amount of Enemies

The best place to go on this would be Annihilation. What you should be doing is to kill not more than 100 enemies inside, and come back out. Rinse and repeat until the quest is completed.

Always remember, Sanity will not be fully returned if the kill count is 100 or more. For safety, player can opt to head out earlier at 95 or something.

Bonus Tips

Testing Formation in Annihilation without Sanity Consumption

The way Sanity is reduced in Annihilation works differently than other modes. In the instance of the game was forcefully closed during Annihilation, all Sanity will be returned to the player regardless of the kill count. Similarly, quests will also not recognize the kills performed earlier.

As such, it is entirely plausible for players to perform experiments, or even “turn back time” to start all over again without any penalty in Sanity.

Saving Sanity when Annihilation Cap is almost Full

In the case of player’s cap per week from Annihilation is almost full, there are no actual benefit in completing a full run. Instead, player can opt for partial run to gain the remaining Originium, and have some Sanity returned.

The Originium reward on the kill count varies in different Annihilation stage, so do check the info table in game and calculate accordingly.



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