Compilation of Moving Out Guides by Impastaa


If you have questions, feel free to add me on Discord: @Impastaa#0696.
If there is a missing guide, please DM me so I can add it to the document.

How To Adopt A Villager

Once a villager is in boxes, you can go to another player’s island & ask them to move to yours. You may have to speak to them a few times. You have to have space for this to work (you need an open plot). You can only have one villager move in at a time.

How To Get The Villagers You Want

(Through Main Story)
Guide One

15-Day Method
Guide One
Guide Two
Guide Three

20 Years Method
Guide One

31-Day Method
Guide One

Note: Villagers won’t ask to move when K.K. Slider is there, and they won’t move during birthdays or other events either. Other NPCs like Flick, Savannah, etc. are okay. If there’s one particular villager who wants to move out 2+ days in a row of TTing, going back to regular time won’t change anything; they’ll still want to move out.


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