Clearing LS-5 (Auto-able Farm)


The key to clear LS-5 is perhaps how well a player can generate their Deploy Cost to deploy more units before being overwhelmed by enemies. While low rarity characters are generally favored in crossing this stage with their lower cost, we will be using a mixture of different rarity characters instead.

This will mainly help players who have trouble managing their Deploy Cost when using expensive characters like Exusiai, Skyfire and so on. Most units are replaceable, so players can definitely switch them around to fit their needs better.

Placement Strategy & Tips

Fang as initial deployment instead of Courier
There is no doubt Courier do generate more Deploy Cost in the long run. However during the initial rush, Fang will actually generate Deploy Cost faster than Courier, making her a better choice to start with.

Vigna (At least 388 Attack ) – Or any other Kill-Type Vanguard
Facing Vigna up helps in leak prevention, in case the bugs ran behind her. She should also have at least 388 Attack to be able to kill bugs within 4 hits.

Perfumer – Can be switch to Solo Medic
Believe it or not, having Perfumer or any AoE Medic is not essential in this run. You can do just fine with Solo Medic so long your other units can make up with it.

Gummy – Can be any Defender, but healing ones are recommended
Despite the early deployment in video, you can actually opt to only deploy her when the Red Giant is halfway into the blue box. Doing so will make him target-able by Exusiai, which helps in killing him faster.

Lava – Any Caster is ok though AoE is preferred
Do take notice that you should only be deploying her AFTER the plane move a tile away from her landing point. This will ensure her survival before your 2nd Medic arrives.

Silence – Or other Solo Medic
Drop her as soon as you can afford it. Make sure this Medic is strong enough to survive the plane attacks.

Exchange from Courier to Cuora – any strong Defender is preferred
Switch them when you see the spawn of White Axe Giant. If there is time, allow Courier to finish charging his skill before removing him.

Exchange from Exusiai to Skyfire – strongest AoE Caster you own will be good
Exusiai can be retired as soon as all planes are down. The last plane spawns before the White Axe Giant appears. So, if you see him and there are no more planes in the map, it is time to switch your strongest AoE Caster in.

Exchange from Fang to Noir Corne – any Defender you have is okay
Like Courier, allow Fang to finish charging her skill before performing the switch.

The left side will stop spawning anything around 76/80. Once you wipe everything at that side, you are free to retire your units to deploy new ones to assist the killing on the right side, just to make everything faster.

Congratulations, you have now completed LS-5! I hope this helped everyone who had trouble with this stage.


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