Clearing CE-5 (Auto-able farm)


CE-5 focuses on the balance of the team, and is generally regarded to be easier than LS-5. Restriction on Deployment Cost is definitely more lenient too, allowing players to send in higher rarity units if they wish.

Placement Strategy & Tips

Healing Tiles
Assigning any units on the Healing Tile allow them to regenerate HP over time. It is recommended for players to deploy Vanguards, Guards, or Defenders as first line of defense there.

AOE Caster
Bringing an AoE Caster is essential to deal with the Heavy Armoured enemies behind. Deploy the character as soon as you secure the front-line formation. You can remove the character the moment the three enemies are dealt with.

33/42 aka Final Wave
Prepare to exchange your Vanguards to Defenders when the White Axe Giant appears. In our case, we have Courier switched out once his skill finishes charging. You will also want to strengthen your heals if you cannot clear the enemies fast enough.

Congratulations, you have now completed CE-5. Happy farming your LMD there to continue promote your units.


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