Clearing AP-5 (Auto-able farm & Replaceable Units)


Alright, AP-5 is generally about focusing healing while taking care of pesky rocket launchers coming from the top left and right side of the map.

Core Members

Purple font = Units used in video.

3 Medics – At least one AoE recommended. The third Medic can be E0 max level.
2 Vanguards – Get whoever you want, so long they generate deploy cost asap. We used Siege and Texas.
2 Defenders – Cuora and a healing Defender is recommended. We replaced one with Lappland for quicker kill.
1 Sniper – Whoever that can sweep enemies fast.
1 AoE Caster – Again, use whoever.
3 “Assassins” – Any Solo Guard like Melantha. Vigna will work. If necessary, get a Gravel/Red for fast-redeploy. We used SilverAsh (S2), Vigna and Melantha instead.

Placement Strategy & Tips

Wait for the first rocket to launch at Vanguard before deploying a Medic
Doing this will help in dividing the damage and lessen the burden of healer.

Judge your healing strength & deploy accordingly
Depending how good you are holding against the map DoT (Damage over Time), either deploy another Medic (the weakest one) to help, or another Vanguard to generate deploy cost even faster. Deploy your Sniper whenever you can afford to.

Keep an eye on the Rocket Launcher at the top right side (2x)
Once that enemy is within the attack range, deploy Melantha to kill it and remove her asap. There will be a second rocket launcher spawning again eventually, so deploy Vigna next to deal with it. If Vigna die before getting her job done, assign Gravel/Red to finish it. In here, we have Silverash to do the full set of job using S2 (auto heal). Remember to remove the units once the 2 rocket launchers are gone.

Wait for Deploy Cost to charge enough for AoE Caster and Medic
Deploy AoE Caster and immediately followed by a Medic will ensure the former’s survival being guaranteed.

Prepare to deploy your Defenders to pull threat away from your AoE Caster
Depending on the strength of your Vanguards, replace them with Defenders whenever you need to. Be sure to assign one Defender in front of your AoE Caster to take away her threat or she may die from Sniper Goats later.

Incoming Rocket Launcher at the top left side during 31/43
Prepare to launch your Melantha/Vigna whenever you see the rocket launcher spawn. Kill and remove her.

Incoming Red Mage during 35/43, and a Rocket Launcher at the top right side
Check the availability of your “Assassins”. Keep one for the Rocket Launcher, and deploy the rest to chip Red Mage’s HP away as much as you can. If necessary, you can also use the readied Vanguard as helper.


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