Clearing Annihilation 1 – Chernobog


The guide for Annihilation 1 (Chernobog) is made to be as versatile as possible for player to use as reference and adopt it to their team. The assignment is auto-able, so feel free to do so.

Core Members

Purple font = Units used in video.

  • Shaw – Her base level does not matter, but make sure her skill is lv4. She can be replaced by FEater, and in this case, lv1 skill is just fine.
  • 2 Vanguards – Fang is fine, or any higher rarity of similar archetype. We used Courier and Vigna.
  • 2 Healers – Either 2 Solo or 1 Solo 1 AoE. Make sure the one deployed at bottom (Silence) is the main healer aka stronger.
  • 2 Snipers – Any will do, even Ranger. Main will be deployed at bottom (Kroos). It is also possible to replace the main into an AoE Sniper like Shirayuki and Meteorite to help with crowd control.
  • 1 Solo Caster – Any will do though recommended to be Steward or better.
  • 1 AOE Caster (Skyfire) – Lava or anything better. The higher the level the better for crowd control.
  • 2 Defenders – Any will do. Main is preferably Cuora or better, while sub can go as low as Noir Corne. For safety reasons, make sure their block is 3.
  • 1 GuardMelantha is highly advised unless you have someone better.

Important Points

137/400 – Dog rush
224/400 – Sort of DPS check, use AoE to get through this.
292/400 – Appearance of solo Red Mage. DO NOT remove Courier or you might leak. Try not to skill your healer and damage dealers here.
305/400 – Healer check through duo Red Mages. Remove Courier to lighten healing burden. It’s time to skill to burn them down asap. Make sure the sub Healer (top) is keeping your AoE Caster alive.
320/400 – Enemy rush. AoE skill them down, and deploy Vanguard to prevent leak.
348/400 – Skill to get through the duo Red Mages. Remove Vanguard to lessen healer’s burden, and remove solo Caster. This is to allocate time for their next deployment, and to make way for units to be deployed on the top left of the map.
350/400 – Wait until the duo Red Mages step onto the yellow bordered box on top. Drop down sub Sniper first, and then Vigna. Remove Vigna once both Red Mages are down, and assign Melantha.
366/400 – Serious DPS, Tank and Healer check. Use skills to maintain your positions. Remove both Melantha and sub Sniper asap once the big axe guy is down. Deploy Courier to prevent leak, and the newly refreshed solo Caster.
385/400 – Appearance of Crownslayer. Assign Vigna to kill it. From there onward, you either leave Vigna there until she dies (rip), or remove her to add in whoever that is accessible to help killing the last few mobs.

Congratulations, you are done!


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