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General Information ★★★★★Name: Projekt RedClass: SpecialistBlock: 1 Attack Interval: 0.93 SecRedeploy Time: 18 Sec → 16 Sec (Potential 4) ...
One of the best features about Arknights is the freedom given to players in testing out different builds in tackling various stages in game. Players are not restricted to using only high rarity characters, unlike most gacha...
The End of the World Begins Now in “Arknights” — the Highly Anticipated Strategy RPG for Android & iOS Shanghai, China – January 16, 2020 – The wait is over for anime fans. Arknights,...
Last Update: 26 February 2020Added Ch'en banner The guide is written to generally answer players’ question on the operators they should be rolling in each banner’s release. As a rule of thumb, the final...

Operator Analysis: Vigna

General Information ★★★★Name: VignaClass: VanguardBlock: 1Attack Interval: 1 SecRedeploy Time: 70 Sec

Operator Analysis: Silence

General Information ★★★★★Name: SilenceClass: MedicBlock: 1Attack Interval: 2.85 SecRedeploy Time: 70 Sec
The guide for Annihilation 1 (Chernobog) is made to be as versatile as possible for player to use as reference and adopt it to their team. The assignment is auto-able, so feel free to do so.

Operator Analysis: Exusiai

General Information ★★★★★★Name: ExusiaiClass: SniperBlock: 1Attack Interval: 1 SecRedeploy Time: 70 Sec
General Information ★★★★★★Name: Ch'enClass: GuardBlock: 2Attack Interval: 1.3 SecRedeploy Time: 70 Sec
Upon numerous testing and feedback, Arknights Toolbox is now officially released as Beta version. Along with it, we have also included a new feature - Leveling Calculator. Currently, the Leveling Calculator is a standalone...

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