Arknights Updates – Children of Ursus


September 29, 2020 – Shanghai, China – Strategic RPG Mobile Game, Arknights has launched a new side story event — Children of Ursus with a series of stories, maps, and operators. The event brings brand new narrations about the Student Self-Governing group and their stories back at Peterheim Middle School, how the past influenced and shaped them into their current personalities. 

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About The Event

Children of Ursus consists of 7 stories of different Operators who have survived from the tragedy at Peterheim. Though they haven’t recovered from that traumatic experience, they dream of a better future in Rhodes Island. 

In Children of Ursus event, by clearing the stages, players could collect event items and use them to exchange for their desired rewards at the exchange shop, including new 5-star Operator Absinthe, LMD, recruitment permits, upgrade materials, furniture assets, etc. In addition, players are able to acquire Information Fragments in the exchange shop that are used to unlock event stories, which showcase the students’ past in the Ursus Student Self-Governing Group during the Chernobog incident.

New Operators

Along with the new event, there’s a new six-star operator Rosa, who is arriving on the battlefield. As a long-ranged sniper, Rosa has slow attack speed but high attack and extended attack range. Her trait enables her to prioritize attacking the heaviest enemy while neglecting much of its defense. By activating her third skill, Rosa is also able to immobilize enemies for a long duration, which is extremely helpful in most stages. 

, Arknights Updates – Children of Ursus

Besides, there will be two new five-star casters Leonhardt and Absinthe, and a four star supporter Podenco joining  the game. Absinthe, empowered by her talents and skills, is super strong against low-health enemies. Her story will be revealed in the vignette series. Different from Absinthe, Leonhardt, who is equipped with a stylish staff, is skilled in dealing high instant damage to multiple enemies. Podenco’s skills are uniquely interesting, which allows her to switch between being a healer or as a continuous damage dealer.

New Outfits

At the time of early autumn, Magallan, Istina and Beehunter have put on new outfits and made some desserts in preparation for Terra Food Festival. The costumes will be presented from September 29th to October 13th in the store. 

In addition, A brand new furniture set, Ursus Student Clubroom, will also be available. It’s a pleasant time to re-decorate the dorms and create a tidy clubroom for the operators to gather. 

, Arknights Updates – Children of Ursus

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