Arknights Toolbox

Current version: Beta
↑ If the application version is lower, please manually update it with the update button inside or Ctrl+F5.
Require the latest browser to work, or at least Chrome 46 or FireFox 49. Does not support Internet Explorer.

Use Contact Us above to report bugs.

Usage Guide

Operator Planner & Material Planner

  • Use Operator Planner to setup upgrade targets, and save it to Material Planner.
  • Or, use Material Planner as it is.
arknights material calculator operator planner simulator, Arknights Toolbox
  • Use Data Options button to reset saved material list, or import/export to text files.

Leveling Calculator (Alpha)

  • Select and fill in the form before pressing Calculate button.
  • The calculator is a standalone feature and is not connected to Operator Planner.