Arknights Half-Year Anniversary Livestream and Warm-Up Events


July 21, 2020 – Celebrate Arknights Half-Year Anniversary Events with plenty of bonuses such as more rewards from daily quests, increased rates of several operators, as well as a special limited headhunting pack that will guarantee you a 6* operator!

Yostart will be doing a celebration live stream for half-year anniversary events – with mini games and giveaways, exclusive guests and exciting reveal of the new chapter and new operators! Do not miss out!

Click Here for countdown timer to the half-year anniversary live stream!

Half-Year Anniversary Livestream

Half-year anniversary warm-up events

  1. During the event period, more rewards will be added to Daily Missions. (Class chips, LMD, Skill Summaries, Battle Records)
  2. During the event period, Exusiai, Reed, Broca will receive increased rates in recruitment
  3. Special Headhunting Packs will be available to purchase. Only one of these packs can be purchased, and it will guarantee one random 6-star Operator from the pack of choice:
  • Type-𝛂 Headhunting Permit: 10 Pulls, guarantees one of : Hoshiguma, Ch’en, Eyjafjalla
  • Type-𝛃 Headhunting Permit: 10 Pulls, guarantees one of : Saria, SilverAsh, Ifrit
  • Type-𝝲 Headhunting Permit: 10 Pulls, guarantees one of : Siege, Exusiai, Skadi

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