Classes and its Subcategory Pt. 2


(Continued from Part 1)


Specialists are basically characters holding abilities meant for very specific tasks, like manipulating enemy locations, or parachute deployment.

Revival-Type Specialist

Revival-Type Specialist are characters meant for temporal deployment. They have significantly lower deployment cost and redeployment cool down time. As such, they are commonly tasked to block leaked enemy, soloing enemy, or pulling threat from ally (due to system mechanics, enemy threat will focus on the last deployed character).

Representing characters: Red, Waal Fu, Gravel

Pulling-Type Specialist

Pulling-Type Specialists are characters capable of dragging enemy forward. They can block 2 enemies, and particularly used in maps with special terrains like cliffs or potholes. When used correctly, these characters can instant kill most enemies. They can also attack flying enemies.

Representing characters: Cliffheart, Rope

Arknights classes subcategory, Classes and its Subcategory Pt. 2
Pulling enemy into cliff.

Pushing-Type Specialist

Pushing-Type Specialists work by pushing enemy away from the them. Like Pulling-Type, they can block 2 enemies, and deployed in special terrain maps. When positioned correctly, they can push normal enemies into their death. Boss enemy can be pushed a little, while bigger enemies are mostly immune to them.

Representing characters: FEater, Conviction, Shaw

Arknights classes subcategory, Classes and its Subcategory Pt. 2
Pushing enemy into cliff.

Unique-Type Specialist

Unique-Type Specialist are aoe characters which deals different debuffs to the enemies, like slow, stun or freeze. They block 0 enemies, resulting a higher survival rate than other units.

Representing characters: Manticore, Ethan


Snipers are damage dealers typically fastest to be deployed in game. Their defense are generally on the low side, making them vulnerable to long ranged enemies.

Speed-Type Sniper

Speed-Type Snipers are usually low in deployment cost. They prioritize in targeting air-borne enemies first, and can shoot enemies 3 tiles away.

Representing characters: Exusiai, Blue Poison, Platinum

Slow-Type Sniper

Slow-Type Snipers come with higher deployment cost. Their slower attack speed is balanced by their high attack stat. They also sometimes come with unique abilities, like stealth.

Representing characters: Provence, Firewatch

AOE-Type Sniper

AOE-Type Sniper has the highest deployment cost among Snipers. Their attack speed is about the same as Slow-Type Sniper, but targets multiple enemies at the same time.

Representing characters: Meteorite, Shirayuki


Casters share the same trait of having slower attack speed and higher cost. Their normal attacks are magical long ranged, making their presence essential at late game when tackling enemies with high defense.

Solo-Type Caster

The main usage of Solo-Type Caster is to target high defense unit that cannot be killed fast by Snipers. Their efficiency varies, considering player is unable to explicitly set their target.

Representing characters: Eyjafjalla, Amiya, Nightmare

AOE-Type Caster

AOE-Type Casters are experts in clearing large enemy waves. They are extremely high cost in deployment, and rarely deployed during early stage of battle. Their attack range is smaller when compared to AOE-Type Snipers.

Representing characters: Ifrit, Skyfire, Gitano

Arknights classes subcategory, Classes and its Subcategory Pt. 2
Saria, Ifrit, and Silence.


Medics specialize in healing and are unable to attack enemies. Their presence is a must in almost any stages for keeping allies alive. Alternatively, the healing amount is based on their attack stat.

Solo-Type Medic

Solo-Type Medic can only heal one character at a time. Their healing amount (per char) is higher than AOE-Type, and usually preferred when tank is being focus-fired, or facing Boss Enemy.

Representing characters: Shining, Kal’tsit, Warfarin

AOE-Type Medic

AOE-Type Medic is capable of healing 3 characters at the same time, though lower in amount (per char). They can also heal ally located directly behind them, which is extremely useful during position planning.

Representing characters: Nightingale, Ptilopsis, Perfumer


Supporter characters’ job is mainly to buff and debuff their allies. Their attack is regarded as magical attack, and when compared to Caster, has much lower deployment cost.

Summoner-Type Supporter

This type of Supporter works by summoning units to fight for them (drones, for eg). Summoned units generally has lower stats than normal characters, and cannot be revived (not to be mistaken with recalled ones). Each Supporter carries a limited amount of summoned units, and once depleted, the player has to recall and redeploy the Supporter to replenish the carried summoned units.

Representing characters: Magallan, Mayer, Deepcolor

Debuff-Type Supporter

Debuff-Type Supporter is meant for slowing down enemies in the battle. This can be exceptionally beneficial when player is trying to keep enemies from charging too fast towards their tank.

Representing characters: Angelina, Istina, Earthspirit

Buff-Type Supporter

Buff-Type Supporter helps by increasing damage dealt by allies. Their presence is generally appreciated in many maps. Still, it should be noted that depending on terrain, double damage dealer may be dealing higher damage than a single damage dealer with Buff-Type Supporter.

Representing characters: Pramanix

Unique-Type Supporter

Unique-Type Supporter are character who do not share traits as the three mentioned subcategories above. Based on Sora, the only Unique-Type Supporter so far, she cannot attack enemies but is able to increase the HP regeneration rate of allies. Alternatively, her skill can also buff allies’ attack and defense.

Representing characters: Sora


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