Arknights Android CBT to launch on 26th December 2019


Arknights’ Publisher Yostar has recently published on its official Arknight Twitter that the CBT will be starting from 26th December 2019 until 2nd January 2020 (UTC-07:00)

It might be a tad bit too late to register for CBT now.

CBT Invitations should have been sent out to all the lucky people who have registered for the CBT during its application period before 24th December 2019. Remember to check your junk or spam mail if you have not received it!

If you have received CBT invitation email, please do head over to Arknight’s Official Discord and get yourself tagged as a CBT Tester with Shaw#0071 by PMing him with a /redeem <email address>.

Get Started with CBT

Get started with Arknights by checking out some of the guides written by us!

What is Arknights?

Arknights is a mobile Tower Defense based strategy game with a fantasy theme. In the game, players are in charge of an ark carrying “monster operatives” to investigate disasters occurring due to the mysterious Originium ore. In this expansive yet dangerous world, you may encounter ruined cities in the wastelands, fantastical fairy tale kingdoms, undecipherable mysteries, and maybe even join in cruel and brutal wars. Come and join this world full of fantasy and mythical creatures, and experience legends and imagination, emotions and relationships!

Official Links

  • Official Website – Here
  • Discord – Here
  • Official Twitter – Here


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