Top 3 6★ during Reroll at a Glance


First and foremost, Arknight is an extremely friendly game for free-to-play players. Rerolling a 6★ is entirely optional, though it would not hurt to get a slightly better head start. The best part is, all new players get a free 10 rolls which confirms a 6 star, which greatly reduces the attempts you need to receive what you wish for.

Now, before we go into details, please be aware that this article will only cover the best out of the best units. This does not mean other 6★ units are bad. All units have their uses, role, and potential. In fact, there will be a full 6★ units review article upcoming in near future, so do stay tune for that.

Alternatively, the information written here are based on the current meta in CN EP5 and release of Side Story – Code of Brawl. In another words, the units we are covering will ensure its continual superiority for many patches ahead in Global version. Without much saying, let’s get started.

*The list below are not sort by unit superiority. They are all equally powerful in their own league.

Arknights Unit tier list reroll guide, Top 3 6★ during Reroll at a Glance


Exusiai is the pinnacle of Speed-Type Sniper. She can pretty much destroy any Medium to Light Armored enemies on sight, and the best a new player can ask for during early game. Her strength has been praised since the release of CN Arknights, even until now.

Her strength greatly lies on her passive talent. At Elite 2, she can even duplicate the passive to any allies in field. Her three skills basically multiplies her attack by 3/4/5 times. The first and second skill will also buffs her attack slightly, while the third skill reduces attack interval.

In short, Exusiai can dominate many game stages so long there aren’t too much heavy armored enemies.

Arknights Unit tier list reroll guide, Top 3 6★ during Reroll at a Glance


Commonly referred as Silver Daddy due to how overpowered he can be. His final form lies on Elite 2, where he can attack a maximum of 6 enemies three tiles in front and both sides of him. His specialty also allows him to attack flying monsters.

Silverash is also currently the only unit that can reveal any invisible enemy within his attack range. He is suitable to all stages in game. In fact, his passive can be abused to assist in ally’s position shifting or recharging his skill.

Fun fact, his attendance during CN’s first Contract event is almost constant in video broadcasts.

Arknights Unit tier list reroll guide, Top 3 6★ during Reroll at a Glance


Eyjafjalla is no doubt one of the two strongest Caster in game. She has the ability to launch aoe damages with the attack multiplication of a single-target Caster.

Her first skill is deadly as it increases her attack speed by 100. The only problem is that you have to deploy her early in game to make use of that. Her remaining two skills can be used based on situational needs. She can either damage over time, or go berserk in attacking.

She does not really have any weaknesses on hand, though she shines better during mid or end game.

Arknights Unit tier list reroll guide, Top 3 6★ during Reroll at a Glance

Bonus Entry – Ifrit**

Like former, Ifrit is one of the two strongest Caster in game. She is the strongest aoe unit in game, so long the stage map fits her unique attack range (which is also her ultimate downfall).

There is basically nothing she can’t burn, and both her second and third skills reaffirms that reality. To add, even her passive aids in making her damage even higher.

Ifrit is a highly situational unit. She is definitely strong by all means, but very unfriendly for new players. You should only train her when you have a proper aoe unit around.


It should be aware that both Eyjafjalla and Ifrit do not exist in new player banner. However, it is still possible to roll for them during reroll-marathon under the condition that they are in the current pool of normal banner up (6000 Originium). I will have a guide up on the specifics eventually.

(Full credits to Beyond from Arknights Discord server in reminding me over this.)


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