Different Rerolling Methods


Update 12 January, 2020: Updated the naming of Originium into Orundum.

Rerolling desired characters at the start of the game in Arknights is quite lenient when compared to other mobile games. The most straightforward method uses only about two minutes, while the other about another two minutes more. I will be covering both methods here, so players may choose whichever they find suitable to their schedule and taste.

Method 1 – Straightforward aka Generic

This is perhaps the most mentioned route. For those who are unaware, players are guaranteed a 6★ during their first 10 rolls through the new player banner. You may access it right away after completion the tutorial and 2 forced operations. Sequence will be as follows:

  1. Complete tutorial.
  2. Complete 2 forced operations (0-1 and TR-1).
  3. Collect free gifts from mail and login rewards.
  4. Roll new player banner with 3800 Originium for your desired character.

Your main goal here is to look for Exusiai, Silverash or whoever your heart yearns for. If you are lucky, you may even start the game with 2 6★ characters (1 guaranteed and 1 from the random 9 rolls).

Method 2 – For Dedicated Ones

Now, there is actually another way in performing your reroll, in case you are opting for characters like Eyjafjalla or Ifrit, who are not inside the new player banner. Naturally, if that is not obvious enough, this trick will not work if the character itself is not released in game yet.

Still, this method can be seen as *slightly better* (in my opinion), because you pretty much guaranteed yourself 2 6★ characters at the beginning of the game. It works very well for the real patient players too. After all, players can opt for rolls like Exusiai / Silverash (normal banner) + 1 bonus 6★ (new player banner), or even double Exusiai / Silverash.

The rerolling method is not anywhere harder though, just slightly more work:

  1. Complete tutorial.
  2. Complete 2 forced operations (0-1 and TR-1).
  3. Collect free gifts from mail and login rewards.
  4. Complete 3 more new operations (for 3 Originite Prime)
  5. Convert all 5 Originite Prime to Orundum.
  6. Roll normal banner with 6000 Orundum for your desired character.

There are a few areas where you should pay more attention on though. Based on the current CN new player creation, players should be owning 5120 Orundum and 2 Originite Prime by the time they completed Step 3, and this is without the pre-register reward (since it’s too late to claim them now). As each Originite Prime can be converted into 180 Orundum, you will only need 3 more Orignite Prime to afford the normal banner. Mathematicians lovers may refer here: (6000 – 5120) / 180 = 4.8 aka 5.

Now, here is a catch which observant players may have realized. Global version has explicitly mentioned pre-registration rewards come with 8 Originite Prime. Which means, all players who started Global version should be able to afford normal banner at Step 3 itself.

Extra: You don’t even have to save 6000 Orundum, since you can also do single pull on normal banner.

Arknights reroll method trick, Different Rerolling Methods
Pre-register reward for Global Arknights.


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