Alpha release of Arknights Toolbox


We were pleased to officially announce that we are finally able to release an Arknights Toolbox for players to benefit from. Differs from most material calculator, we have included the Operator Planner feature.

Operator Planner allows player to add operators they intend to promote or level up their skills, and save it to the Material Planner. This would allow player to save the process of trying to manually count the materials one by one.

Material Planner wise, it will not just track the materials but also suggest the best farming route for players to use. It will also guide players through the crafting route whenever necessary.

As mentioned, the Arknights Toolbox is still in Alpha. There might be bugs so do report them through Contact Us or commenting here whenever necessary. We will venture into Beta as soon as we assure the stability of the application.

You may access the Arknights Toolbox through the menu above, or with this link:


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