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Update as of 1.1.2 patch note

Celeste spawn rate is secretly modified
While not-written in the official patch note, a number of known players reported that Celeste’s spawn rate is no longer 100% when they TT back to the date they found Celeste last time. Regardless, keep trying (go to next day and back again) because her spawn rate on that date will be higher (~70%?).

Glitch(?) in Celeste not giving out zodiac DIY
It was also reported that if the player has learnt all normal Celeste DIY, she will stop giving out any zodiac ones despite not learnt yet. Traveling to other player’s island will not help either. You’re basically forever stuck unless Nintendo secretly fix this.

Extra Note
You can only farm one Celeste DIY a day. So long you didn’t move on to next day, travelling to a friend’s island despite the friend is in another date or zodiac period than yours will still not have their Celeste register you as a new date. Similarly in the new changes, it is also said that if you’re in Taurus period and head to a Virgo period’s island, the Celeste there will somehow still see you as Taurus period.

Author’s comment: Considering I already have all DIY learnt, all new information I gathered above are what experienced by my friends who are farming Celeste. Considering most of them have learnt all her DIYs, I doubt I am able to get any more new updates over Celeste. If anyone has updated info on the changes over Celeste as time goes, please do leave a comment and I will update accordingly.

Celeste is definitely no stranger to players in Animal Crossing New Horizon by now. Surely, many are dying to get more of her beautiful and interesting DIY out there – so much that it created a new market out there.

As someone who has farmed all her DIYs by now, I figured I might as well share out what I’ve learn from my experience. It’s going to be long-winded considering I try to put in as much info as I could. Special thanks to Mae, Becky and Callie too on sharing their own experience about Celeste. I really appreciate them!

Finding Celeste

To get Celeste’s DIY, you must first find Celeste… if that’s not obvious enough already. Unlike the common myth, Celeste does not only spawn on shooting stars days. Instead, there’s a chance of her to spawn during a clear night or with little clouds, either with or without shooting star. The same weather has to remain until the next day to be consider valid. She will not spawn during rain or snow, or too-cloudy. Alternatively, her spawn is not guaranteed during a shooting star night (announced by Isabelle)

Time wise, she occurs around after sunset at 7:00 PM. As a matter of preference, I start looking for her at 10:00 PM instead, just so there are buffer time for me to confirm there are no changes in weather to void her appearance.

Location of her spawn is random. She can be anywhere in your island, but definitely not inside any buildings. She can spawn at cliffs without incline access, or at a part of island land without bridge access too. Do keep that in mind when you thoroughly look for her.

Getting her DIYs

Whether you like it or not, the very first recipe given to you is always Star Wand. Anything after that is randomized. According to Becky, first of each Zodiac season gets you the Zodiac recipe. Then, it’s based off what you don’t have. We also found out that everyone gets a different recipe when visiting the same person’s island. If you have every recipe of the Zodiac season, Celeste will give you a random fragment instead.

The list of Celeste DIYs, not including Zodiac ones are:

  • Nova Light
  • Crescent-moon chair
  • Moon
  • Asteroid
  • Astronaut Suit
  • Rocket
  • Satellite
  • Space Shuttle
  • Crewed Spaceship
  • Lunar Lander
  • Lunar Rover
  • Flying Saucer
  • Star clock
  • Starry Garland

  • Star Wand
  • Windflower Wand
  • Mums Wand
  • Cosmos Wand
  • Tulip Wand
  • Rose Wand
  • Pansy Wand
  • Hyacinth Wand
  • Lily Wand
  • Golden Wand
  • Iron Wand
  • Tree-branch wand
  • Wand

  • Starry-sky Wall
  • Starry Wall
  • Sci-fi Wall
  • Galaxy Flooring
  • Lunar Surface
  • Sci-fi Flooring
  • Star Head
  • Star Pochette

As mentioned briefly earlier, Celeste will only provide player with a DIY they never learn before. So it is generally not possible to have a duplicate DIY. There are two workarounds to receive duplicates though (for whatever reason you want the extra for):

  1. Receive the DIY from Celeste and never learn it.
  2. Learn it with your main but have a mule villager to continue farm Celeste DIY.

Zodiac DIY

Allow me to repeat then: the first of each Zodiac season gets you the Zodiac recipe. However, this only works inside your island. To make it also work when heading to friend’s island of another Zodiac period, you have to first learn every normal Celeste DIY mentioned above. Or else, there’s a chance that Celeste will give you them instead of a Zodiac one. Beware on this!

The Zodiac season details are as follows:

Zodiac NamePeriod Dates
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
GeminiMay 21 – June 20
CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 22
LibraSeptember 23 – October 22
ScorpioOctober 23 – November 21
SagittariusNovember 22 – December 21
CapricornusDecember 22 – January 19
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20

Farming With Time Travelling

What to Know

In case you have a questions on time travelling, you may refer to the faq we once posted.

Celeste’s spawning day and shooting star day are both seeded. What it means is that if you travel to the same date again, you can re-experience in meeting Celeste or wishing in shooting star. In consideration that Celeste may not appear during a shooting star night or vice versa, you may have to write down both type of dates and label them correctly for ease of navigation.

Do take note that the dates are individual to players so copying the dates from your friend will not work.. though there are a possibility that both of you having the same shooting star date or whatnot.

General DIY Farming

With only 1 Celeste Date

Travel to the night with Celeste spawn and talk to her to receive a new DIY. Learn it, save game and fast forward to the next day for Isabelle announcement. Save and close the game. Rewind back to the Celeste date again, find and talk to her for another new DIY. Rinse and repeat.

With multiple Celeste Date

Travel to the first Celeste night you have to get a DIY. Save and travel to the next Celeste date you have to get another DIY. Rinse and repeat as you cycle all Celeste date you have. Travelling back in time without seeing Isabelle announcement will still fetch you new DIY somehow, at least for me. But if it doesn’t work, just go back a day before Celeste day for the announcement, and then fast forward to Celeste day.

Zodiac DIY Farming

This is actually tedious, not gonna lie on that. What you need to do is continue travel to different Zodiac period (listed on top) to find Celeste within that period for the specific Zodiac DIY. Depending on your luck and persistence, it may take few hours or days to complete learning the entire set.

It will be great if you have a friend with his/her set of dates written down too. If so, make sure you learnt all the normal Celeste DIY first before asking the friend to open the island gates for you to stalk their Celeste for the Zodiac DIY.

Fragment Farming

Travel to the day with shooting star and star wishing for however long you want. Just so you know, the timing of the star falling down from the sky are static and will always remain the same when you head for the particular date. So if you’re observant, you can always measure which timing has the most and go for that time period instead for maximum yield. Once you’re done, save game and tune to the next day to collect your fragments.

What I prefer to do is heading to that particular peak period and wish for 5 minutes. I will proceed to the next day to collect fragments from the beach for 2 rounds. After that, I will return to the shooting star night again. This is due to I perceive the rate of fragments washing up shore being too slow and I actually earn more fragments doing this way than wishing for 2 hours and wait at the shore the next day for another N hours.

Zodiac Fragment Farming

While this is no different than typical fragment farming other than heading to the specific Zodiac period. I would like to pinpoint that the Zodiac fragments washed up onshore is based on your island Zodiac period. This means that if you wish in a friend’s island of Scorpio period and your island is in Aries, the Zodiac fragments you will end up getting will still be Aries. Then again, it also signifies that you would only need to tune your island date to control what Zodiac fragments you’re getting before you’re flying over to your friend’s island.

Pro tip: Clearing up your beach form shells is a good way to increase fragments washed onshore.


  1. I hasn’t got some zodiac recipes, but when i visit people island for celeste on that particular zodiac period, celeste still give me fragments instead of zodiac recipe. Do you know why?

    • Do you happen to have learned all the non-zodiac recipe from celeste? there seems to be an edge-case bug where people who have learned ALL non-zodiac celeste recipe and unable to receive any zodiac recipe after that. It may get fixed soon by nintendo themselves

    • Another speculated theory is that even if it is a Celeste on another particular zodiac period (Eg: Virgo), so long your own island’s date does not match it, the Celeste of that island will still see you as your island’s zodiac period instead of Virgo.

  2. I’m traveling back to a date when celeste was here for shooting stars, but she’s not showing up. Could I be doing something wrong?

  3. Dear celeste-fans, I do not know if you guys know about meteonook, but it is really helpfull when you want to figure out when she might be visiting. It is a webpage where you can have the weatherforcast predicted for your island, and also shows you when you have special weather phenomena such as rainbows, northern lights and star showers (until the second)! Especially helpfull when you don’t want to time travel, like me, and don’t want to miss out on the zodiac meteors


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