A Very Happy New Year From Vynli


It’s 2020! Vynli wishes all of you a very happy new year, and may the new year be kinder to us all.

In this new year, we plan to continue and work on finishing the last bit of guides for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The goal is to have them up and ready for peeps looking forward to the English release.

Arknights remains high in our priorities, and we plan to have video guides for players facing difficulties in certain stages. Alternatively, we also intend to write up articles featuring different characters along with their details in strength and utilities.

Certainly, a new year also signifies a great slew of new upcoming games for us to play. There are many games coming out in 2020, and more not yet announced. Currently, World Of Dragon Nest (Android) piqued our interest with its colorful and amazing concepts.

happy new year 2020 vynli, A Very Happy New Year From Vynli
World of Dragon Nest for Android

The game features open world exploration, swappable classes and weapons, chaining skills and raid bosses. For interested players, be sure to pre-register before it is too late.

Pre-register : Here
Google Play Store : Here
Apple App Store : Here

All in all, year 2020 promises to be exciting for us. Do stick around and join us in our journey for this year!

- Vynli Team


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