【High Spec】Auto Clearing Annihilation 3 – Lungmen Downtown


As mentioned in title, this clear is meant for those who are high level and has a wide range of operators. While it was build this way, the operators can still be interchangeable in one way or another. This run focus on auto-able with minimal need on operator shifting.

Featured Members

2 Vanguards – Siege & Texas
Pretty straightforward for this set. While Siege won’t be earning that much DP with her S2 here, the damage will help in clearing off enemies during the initial stages. Texas is the main DP supplier here with her S2.

2 Medics – Ptilopsis & Silence
Any Medics will do fine actually. Recommended replacement for Silence would be Shining for her shield. Ptilopsis is here to help with SP regeneration but it is not essential.

1 Sniper – Exusiai
Mainly to clear off mobs and drones. Exusiai can be on S2 for better control. S3 may risk drone leaking if there is no specialization. There shouldn’t be an issue replacing her, but keep in mind the operator’s HP and DEF should be high enough to tank damages whenever necessary. Safety net would be ~1400 HP and ~140 DEF (equivalent to E1 lv20 Exusiai).

1 Caster – Eyjafjalla
Replaceable with units like Amiya, Skyfire and etc, but do remember to skill accordingly to prevent drone leakage.

1 Defender – Saria
Nearl or Gummy can also be used to help with healing. Given the Medics are strong enough, any other Defender will do.

Melee for top lane – SilverAsh
At least Block 2 is required. It would be even better if the unit can hit air-borne units. Recommended operators include SilverAsh (S1 or S3) and Lappland. Facing right is better in most cases. Only face down if you’re planning to use SilverAsh’s S3.

Melee for middle lane – Ch’en
This tile is perhaps the most flexible. Any Block 2 or above can be used here, or even Skadi. While ranged guards are preferred to deal with drones, Texas and Ch’en will also do fine with that through their S2.

Melee for bottom lane – Lappland
The easier way on holding this lane is using Shaw and FEater with skill level 7. Skill choice is up to preference: S1 for auto but reliant to Exusiai in killing heavier enemies, OR S2 for manual but able to push most enemies down. If specialist is used here, do remember to replace them with any other available units at 350 kill (chances are, vanguards that you switched out early on). Lappland was used here instead for her silence.

Long AoE Range – Ifrit
Not recommended to replace Ifrit for her role at all. If replacement is a must, then you may choose between Meteorite or Shirayuki. Worse come to worst, there’s also Platinum(?).

Bonus slot – Lancet-2
Really, just bring anyone you want to replace overtime. Lancet-2 was pretty much just here to act cute keep Ifrit (or anyone) alive. If you have trouble with the red hammer boy, try add another caster here.

Important Points

230/400 – Incoming drones
280/400 – Bombing drones. Starts activating Medic skills for survival.
300/400 – Laser drone, but nothing too devastating.
340/400 – Stronger laser drone, use skill if necessary.
350/400 – Incoming heavy armorers. Switch out specialist if you’re using it for bottom lane.
374/400 – Incoming hammer boy to bottom lane. Be wary that he can stun your unit. If your unit die tanking him, don’t replace the tile too fast or the dude will come around and do it again.
393/400 – Incoming red hammer boy. Replace your Exusiai with the bonus caster if you bring any to help with killing.

Congratulations, you are done!


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